Newport Beach

~*~COMPLETED~*~ "Live life like you deserve it. You can't ever take it for granted." Coral Davies remarks after an encounter with a shark. But here's the twist: One Direction. Spending summer with One Direction at her grandma's house may seem like a dream, but that doesn't stop the drama. Coral and Louis' are growing together, but can they make it past Coral's incident and the drama?


17. Once Upon a Time

Coral's POV

"THESE ONES!" I held up a pair of orange and white striped Toms. Like a creamsicle! "Naw, these ones!" Louis held up these ugly camo ones. I scrunched my face up. "No, bro." He laughed.

Louis and I were shopping at the mall. I had gotten an butt-load of clothes from Hollister, a bunch of crap from Abercrombie and Fitch, and then we were at Famous Footwear looking at Toms. "Ugh, Lou. Just get these and let's go." I snatched a pair of galaxy themed Toms and we paid. We were halfway through the mall when Louis stopped. "PHOTO BOOTH!" He grabbed my hand and rushed me to the photo booth.

"Common, Coral. We gotta." He pulled me inside. He hit the button. "Funny face." He ordered. 3 2 1! Snap. "Kiss!" 3 2 1! Snap. "Too cool for you!" 3 2 1! Snap. The last one. Louis and I made it pretty and smiled. When we hopped out, the pictures slid out of the booth. I smiled. "Good times." I chuckled.

That night, Louis and I cuddled up to the movie Love Actually. Harry ended up coming in 5 minutes before it was done. Poor Hazza. Justtttt kiddddding. Louis ended up staying the night.


"I really love you Louis." I hugged him tightly. We were both crying. I was leaving. Summer was over. "I won't forget you." He smiled. I beamed. I hopped in my dad's car. We were off.

Once upon a time, I met a boy. His name was Louis. We spent the entire summer together. We had fun times, sad times, scary times. He was my first boyfriend, my first crush! But we moved on. I moved on. Louis moved on. He has Eleanor, and I have my pillow. But that's okay.

I loved him. He loved me. We just weren't meant to be. I think about him often, I wonder if he does the same. Still now, I remember the day at the mall. We were in a photo booth. I remember it all. I remember watching Love Actually and Louis saying he loved me.

Teenage memories are the worst. You can't let them go.

But I did. I've moved on. But Louis was my first love. My summer love.




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