Newport Beach

~*~COMPLETED~*~ "Live life like you deserve it. You can't ever take it for granted." Coral Davies remarks after an encounter with a shark. But here's the twist: One Direction. Spending summer with One Direction at her grandma's house may seem like a dream, but that doesn't stop the drama. Coral and Louis' are growing together, but can they make it past Coral's incident and the drama?


2. Meet the Characters

Meet the Characters: Newport Beach

Coral Davies

Age: 17

Appearance: Straight golden blonde hair, and every one is jealous of those blue green eyes she owns.

Personality: Bubbly and risky. Ask Coral to jump off a cliff that has cushions at the bottom, she'll do it with no hesitation.

Lives: Anaheim, California, but for the summer, Newport, California with her grandparents and sister, Ryder.

Extra: Coral LOVES Twitter. She loves boogie boarding, and triple chocolate ice cream.

1D member: Louis 'The Tommo' Tomlinson

Ryder Davies

Age: 13

Appearance: Ryder is a mini Coral. She has the same golden blonde hair, but hers is curly. Her eyes are a dark blue, like the color of the sky at dark.

Personality: Always outgoing, Ryder is an instant friend to anyone she meets. But, she'll often get nervous of making bad impressions of a first meet, so she stutters when you first meet her.

Lives: Same as Coral, Anaheim, but stays in Newport for the summer.

Extra: Ryder is a very dedicated directioner. Almost everything you say she can relate to One Direction. Therapy probably won't even work!

Louise Tompson

Age: 17

Appearance: Her luscious, rusty locks make you jealous every time. The reddish brown color is one you would kill to own. Her icy blue eyes are round and large.

Personality: Usually concealed. Louise isn't one to pour out her feelings. But if someone's real close to her, she tells them everything.

Lives: Anaheim, California. Louise lives closer to Disneyland than the Davies'.

Extra: Louise is very romantic. She would love to have a candlelit picnic with the right guy, or a stroll on the park while it's dark. Louise is also a HUGE fan of Zayn Malik, as she can relate to him.

Ireland Francis

Age: 18

Appearance: Her jet black hair reaches mid-back, and her light green eyes hypnotize you.

Personality: Ireland, also known as Irene, is always quiet, but quite quirky and cocky. She does whatever she can for friends.

Lives: Anaheim, California. She lives in an apartment near Disneyland, as she works there.

Extra: Ireland loves Harry Styles, and when Coral meets the boys, The Matchmaker Game is played. Irene is originally from Ireland, and her name comes from those memories. She only lived in Ireland for two months before her family moved to Anaheim. Her Irish accent is still lush.

One Direction

I don't think an introduction is needed....

Gram and Grandpa

Without them, this journey would've never taken place.



Newport Beach

A One Direction fan fiction

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