Newport Beach

~*~COMPLETED~*~ "Live life like you deserve it. You can't ever take it for granted." Coral Davies remarks after an encounter with a shark. But here's the twist: One Direction. Spending summer with One Direction at her grandma's house may seem like a dream, but that doesn't stop the drama. Coral and Louis' are growing together, but can they make it past Coral's incident and the drama?


9. Black Hole

Coral's POV

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I struggle to keep from falling into the pit of darkness. I keep breaking through floors. It goes deeper and deeper.

Beep beep beep BEEEEEEEP.

NO! I try to toss and turn. Beep. Beep. Beep. Phew, I'm okay. That's when the weirdest thing happens. I land on a flat surface. I look around. Millions of corridors lay before me. Oh, gosh, really? I stand up, brushing myself off, when I hear someone clear their throat. I turn around. Has anyone seen Harry Potter? Remember Dobbie? That's who it was.

"What the-" Dobbie interrupts me. "Dobbie must tell Coral something. Take a pathway. Coral must go in the time's order. For example." - Dobbie pulls down a diagram of many.... Kevins? What? - "Kevin young, Kevin older, Kevin oldest, Kevin dead." He points to each picture. "What does this have to do with anything?" I ask him. Dobbie's eyes get big. "Coral's life." He covers his mouth. "Dobbie has said too much!" Then he runs to the right, far into the darkness. "Okay..." I murmur.

I take a step forward. "Coral's Life?" I read a small sign next to a hall. Easy. I walk in. Thousands of doors are arranged in front of me. "Okay, so time's order.... Birth is where I should start." I explain to myself. I walk up and down the hallway. But one door catches my eye. It's a light yellow, and a soft music is coming from it. Pft. Found it. I open it. A small clip of my mom and dad holding me is shown. Aw.

"She's amazing." My mom whispers. The clip ends. A bright flame is shown, so I cover my eyes. When I look up, I'm in a different hallway. "Five years old...." A raspy voice lingers somewhere above me. I'm in the strangest place. Five years old. I look around. "When I was five, I loved zebra print. Let's find a zebra print door." I whisper to myself.

In no time flat, I'm at a pink and blue zebra door. I open it. Once again a clip plays. A bright flame, different hallway. It repeats over and over, until I'm done with 17. I expect the voice to whisper,"Eighteen..." but it doesn't. Instead I hear "Look behind you!" I whip around, looking at the floor. A small section of it is water. "That's odd..." I wonder, walking suspiciously toward it. I look into the clear blue water. Out of no where, a shark jumps out at me, pulling me into the water. I scream. "Back off, you fiend!" I scream at it. Wait... I can talk? Cool! The shark looks at me. It then... groans? It morphs into a TV screen. That was a couple seconds of my life wasted by a morphing shark.

A disturbing clip comes on. It's me, surfing. I notice the five Brit/Irish boys. I smile. Then I get taken underwater, and when I come out, my leg is gone, and I'm covered in blood. I moan in disgust. Then it changes. To a news report.

"In Newport Beach, located in Newport, California, a girl said to be eighteen was attacked by a shark. Relatives explain their point of view at the local hospital." The news anchor lady says. Then it changes to Ryder. She has a tear stained face, and she looks sadly at the camera.

"You see, we were with One Direction, and Coral learned to surf. I heard a scream, and I couldn't see Coral on her board. All I saw was a fin and blood." She says. "Also, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson explains his point of view." The anchor woman says.

"After our show in LA, we head to Newport before going to Nevada. So Coral and I accidentally DM'ed, and we made plans. I taught her how to surf. I was in the water next to her. I saw the fin, but I wasn't entirely sure of what it was. Then it took her under." Louis turns away, crying. This clip ends. Then in front of me, the screen says 'Breathe on the count of three.' Then it counted down.

I took a big breath. I look around.

The walls aren't black. They're white.

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