Newport Beach

~*~COMPLETED~*~ "Live life like you deserve it. You can't ever take it for granted." Coral Davies remarks after an encounter with a shark. But here's the twist: One Direction. Spending summer with One Direction at her grandma's house may seem like a dream, but that doesn't stop the drama. Coral and Louis' are growing together, but can they make it past Coral's incident and the drama?


6. Beach Day Gone Bad

Coral's POV

The next day, Louis DM's me saying he's in Newport. We agree on meeting at the beach, at lifeguard tower 15. I put on Pandora, on the One Direction station. I rummage in my closet, and I pull out my teal bikini, that has orange polka dots on it. I throw on a pair of denim short-shorts, and a flowy white tank top. I grin as I put my blonde hair in a side braid. My blue green eyes seem to shine more vibrant today. My silver Haivianas sit in the corner, before I shove them on my feet. I grab my beach bag, as I put a towel and food inside. I grab my boogie board, Ray Baun sunglasses, phone and money, and I skip-walk to Ryder's room. She is wearing her white tankini, that slightly comes up, revealing some of her four-pack. The big hot pink bow centered on the chest of the top matches the hot pink bottoms she wears. Her curly hair is pulled up in a high bun. Ryder slips on some random black flip flops, and her lime green copy of Ray Baun glasses lay atop her head. "Ready?" I ask. "Uh, y-yeah." She stutters. "Ryder, don't be nervous." I assure her. She nods slowly, scurrying to my car. "Be back soon, Gram!" I call. "Righty, hun!" She calls back. Gram lives really close to the beach, and so the drive was at least five minutes. "Ryder, please get your boogie board." I say, grabbing my beach necessities. "There it is!" Ryder runs to lifeguard tower 15, me right on her tail. A group of boys are throwing mud at each other. One runs up to us. Louis. Ryder slips under my arm, immediately nervous.

"Hi! Are you Coral?" Louis asks.

"Coralreef_1D?" I smirk. "GUYS! THIS IS CORAL AND, uh..." "R-Ryder," Ryd stutters. "RYDER!" Louis calls. He helps us over to the boys. "Well, you must know us... So who are you two?" Harry asks, sitting in the sand under an umbrella. "I'm Coral!" I say, a bit bubbly. "And you are, love?" Liam asks Ryder. "I-I'm u-uh... Ryd-der..." Ryder stutters even worse than before. "Don't be nervous!" Niall exclaims. Ryder smiles.

She takes of her sunglasses, revealing her midnight colored eyes. "I-I'm gonna g-go boogie b-boarding..." She grabs the purple boogie board, taking off to the water. "HEY! WAIT!" Niall chases after her. "Hey Li, wanna come with me to get ice cream?" Zayn asks. "Sure!" Liam responds, following Zayn.

"So! Hey, mind me asking, why does Ryder stutter so much?" Harry asks. "Harry!" Louis smacks his cheek. "OWW!" Harry exclaims, putting his hand over the red hand mark. I giggle. "Well, Ryder does that when she's nervous." I explain. "Why's she nervous?" Louis asks, eying me closely. I suddenly get self-conscious, and I fiddle with my hair. "She's a huge fan of you guys. And she's worried about making a bad impression." I say. "Well Niall seems to like her!" Harry says. I look down where he is pointing. Niall and Ryder are having a water fight. "Yeah. It seems so!" I laugh.

"Coral, have you ever gone surfing?" Louis asks, reaching for my hand. I shiver a bit, letting him take it. He rushes to the water, surfboard in his opposite arm. "HEY CORAL!" Ryder exclaims, pushing Niall away as he reaches for her side, attempting a tickle war. I wave. I gasp as the cold water brushes against my stomach. "Okay. So get up on the board." Louis grabs my waist, helping me up. That shiver returns, causing me to rub the back of my neck to make it disappear. "The water cold?" Louis asks, reaching for my hand to keep me steady. I shiver again,"Nah, just getting used to it." I lie. "Wait for the next wave." Lou instructs. He rushes back to the bay, giving me a thumbs up.

WHOOSH! I'm off. I stand for five seconds, then fall into the salty water. I come rushing up with the surfboard. "You wanna a hug Lou?" I ask, inching close to him with my arms open. "NO!" We chase each other. Once our little chase game is over, Louis wants me to surf again. I'm all up for it. I would say is was my fifth time trying. Then it happened.

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