Adelaide was just a normal girl that hated herself why would anyone anyone like her. When one of the popular boys in school Taeje asks her out she doesn't believe him and she thinks its a joke but he actually likes her. What happens to there relationship?


2. Back together for revenge

It was New Year's Eve and Adelaide had only been dating Cai for 4 days. Adelaide, Piper and Shaelee were having a party at Shaelees house for New Year's Eve. Adelaide was getting ready when she recieved a text from Piper. It was a screenshot taken from hers and Taejes text saying how he never should of let Adelaide go and that he was a dumbass. It meant something to Adelaide. She made a mistake dumping Taeje and going out with Cai but Taeje was heartbroken. Or was he? She decided to dump Cai and ask Taeje back out he said yes. But was this the actual mistake? It was like old times- normal conversations and he was ignoring her. But she still loved him and she couldn't help it but she also started developing a crush on her bestfriend Zane. Was he the one? A couple of weeks after Taeje and Adelaide were back together Adelaide went to Yarraville to visit her relatives. She was sitting on the couch watching a movie when she got the text, the one that ended the relationship. But Adelaide kept strong because she knew he only did it for revenge, revenge on her dumping him.
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