Adelaide was just a normal girl that hated herself why would anyone anyone like her. When one of the popular boys in school Taeje asks her out she doesn't believe him and she thinks its a joke but he actually likes her. What happens to there relationship?


1. It's a joke right?

The first bell rang and Adelaide walked outside into the foyer an grabbed her lunch. She went outside and sat at a table with her bestfriends Piper and Jordyn . Jordyn had a big smirk on her face and Adelaide knew something was up. Jordyn whispered to Adelaide and they walked over to the corner of the canteen. "Someone likes you" Jordyn whispered. Adelaide couldn't believe it! "
It's probably one of those scummy boys" Adelaide said. "It's Taeje" said Jordyn! Adelaide nearly fainted one of the most popular boys in her year level liked her! "Stop joking around Jordyn tell me who it really is" Adelaide said angrily. "I'm serious"! Whispered Jordyn. Adelaide had to think alot she didn't want to be used by him. But in the end she said yes. She actually thought he was joking so that afternoon when she got home from school she texted hims "why would you want to go out with me" and he texted back "because your beautiful and I love you".
Adelaide thought it was a fairytale. After a while they stopped talking and at school it was just to awkward. They would have normal conversations through texting like they wernt even going out and Adelaide hated it. She started to think that he didn't love her anymore so she dumped him. He was sad or at least he said he was. The day after Adelaide's friend Shaelee set her up with her boyfriends best mate Cai. They all met up at the park like a double dated and they say In the big tree playing truth or dare. "Cai" Shaelee said "truth or dare" and of course Cai picked dare! Shaelee started thinking and then shouted "I dare you to kiss Cai" Adelaide was scared she had never kissed somebody before and especially not the first day they were going out. But they did it and everyone was impressed! The day was finnaly over and Shaelee and Adelaide went back home. Adelaide ran to her bedroom shut the fort and jumped on her bed. So much had happened and she didn't know what to do. She didn't want to admit it but she didn't like Cai. He wasn't the one.
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