Siren Boy

A short story about a short conversation between a Siren and his prey before he takes her into his home in the depths of the ocean floor.


1. Siren Boy


"You've caught me, and I will inevitably drown," the girl said to the Siren boy.  

He did not dare speak, if he did he would just wash her away. If he spoke, she would come with him, without complaint, without thought. No longer would he feel her warm touch, she who turned into sea foam as her essence floated away. The coldness only brushing and dripping off his face as he broke trough the surface of the ocean, of his home.   

Leading her now, to the coral bed he laid on, far below the surface world. Sure, he could prolong her life for a few hours... but, after that she would still be dead.  

"All you have to do is sing and I am yours without question."  

Coldly the siren boy nodded, she saw the reflection of her grassy green eyes in his omniscient blue ones, clear as the water he was slowly leading her into.   

"I..." He started to say in his entrancing deep melodic voice, and then stopped. Biting his bottom lip as he stared at her helplessly. She swooned, almost slipping away. He had started to reach out and catch her, but resigned, deciding against it. His expression back to being placid and cold. The Siren Boy was giving her as much piece of mind as he could handle. Did he not already know that her fate was sealed?  

He was still looking at her, his sharp pale features glistening in the reflection of the water, silver hair like the bubbles of waves blowing in the wind. He looked but 19, she knew that he was much more than just  years older than she was. His ocean eyes hardened and he hung his head slightly.  

"There is no way you can let me go, and you have to speak at some point. My heart is gone; I have given it to you. Without your voice, without your feigned warmth, I have given it to you. The situation cannot be changed."  

His eyes softened, he looked distraught, almost as if he wanted to apologize.   

"It is in my nature." The words were like some sort of smooth drink, running into her eardrums and circling through her brain.   

It was a rush and she knew, right then, that he did not. She grabbed his face and pulled it down to hers, her long brown lashes brushed his cheek as she kissed it. Her golden hair swirling in the wind as if his waters had already engulfed her.  

"My dear Siren boy I'm afraid you misunderstand," She whispered gently in his ear, "I have led you here; you have not led me. It is a simple facade to think that something as perpetual as instinct could be thwarted. From the moment I saw you there was love, passion, lust. One look and you sealed my fate, one look and I was yours."  

"What... can I do?" He said as she leaned away, his eyes wide. He licked his lips, they felt impossibly dry.   

"Make love to me, dear Siren boy, and do it until I die."

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