Dead frown

When Liam goes through a rough patch he doesn't know where to go to or where to go. Will Danielle help him through it? or will the frowns take over?


1. Dead Frown


I wake up to a very grumpy Liam, I stand in the kitchen door way and just stare at him. I am standing at least 7 meters away from him and I can see the frown line that has been permanently indented on that forehead of his. He has been under a lot of pressure the last 2 months with fans accusing him of cheating, I don't believe it but for some reason Liam has been acting strange since the harassment started. Liam turns around, as soon as he see's me his frown goes with all of his issues, for now. 

"Happy Valentine's day babe!" Liam comes over to me to give me a hug, I hug him tightly. "Say it back!" Liam looks at me puzzled. 

"Say what?" I pull the same look.

"Say happy Valentine's day back." I knew this would come up.

"You know I hate saying that stuff. Like on Christmas day I would not say Merry Christmas to anyone, I just... I hate saying this stuff. I can't" I start getting agitated.

"I know you hate saying it." Liam face is straight

"I will say it just for you." Liam's straight face turns in to a smile. I would do anything for this man, my fiance, even if it means making me uncomfortable. "Babe" I start, Liam's smile growing like a flower. "Happy Valentine's day!"

"Yus!" Liam outs his arms in the air. It's good to see the little, happy boy I used to see a while ago, I miss it. "I love you Danielle, you know that right?"

"I love you to Liam" We share a kiss. "So you gonna tell me whats going on? I couldn't help but to notice that best friend of yours that is always around."

"What friend?" Liam's frown comes back.

"That one!" I say touching his frown. Liam bites his lip, he always bites his lip when he's hiding something. "Liam" I stare at his beautiful, brown eyes and he gives in.

"Okay. So today I planed for us to go to the park around the corner where we first meet. But typical London weather, it's raining!" Liam's frown gets deeper. "I'm sorry iv'e let you down."

I grab Liam's face in my hands. "Look at me. You could never let me down, okay?"

"Okay." Liam's frown gets lighter.

"Now this weather is not going to ruin our day! How about we watch a to story marathon and eat junk food all day?"

"Sounds perfect" I can't believe what I am seeing, Liam's frown has disappeared!


So that is exactly what we did, and it was perfect And we managed to fit in some wedding planing, we picked a date February 14th next year. Liam's frown is now a dead man, but its twin comes out every now and again but only when I freak out over wedding plans. But apart from that we are a perfect, happy couple.

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