Skinny Love

Layne's in a relationship with Zayn,but shes deeply in love with Harry.Harry loves Jordan,Layne's best friend,but is starting to have feelings for Layne.But is Zayn falling for Piper,his used-to-be bestfirend?


2. Wel,Damn.Didn't expect that

Niall and I finally arrived at school after about 15 minutes of arguing about pizza toppings.You see what I must live with?Anyway,he parked in the student parking deck and I immediatly saw Jordan...Making out with Harry.Thats a nice start for my day!

I walked right past them about three times and neither of them noticed me.Wow.I feel loved.

"Hey Layne!",Niall called,"Wanna come and meet Zayn before he comes over?"

"Sure!",I replied.

I walked up to Niall.He was standing next to this tall,dark haired guy who I haven't seen before.

"Layne,meet Zayn!Hay,you names rhyme!"

Well,damn.I didn't expect that.This Zayn guy was hot.And shy,too.I love shy guys.

I was about to say something real intelligent,like "ughhhmmuh...",when thankfully the bell rang.We headed to the gym so that we could see our homeroom teachers and get our locker numbers and combos.

This day should be very,very interesting.


                                                             **Later that day**

I finally got Jordan away from Harry.But now it was lunch,and there was no stopping them from raping eachother's lips.I felt so awkward when I'm with them because 1.)I like Harry.Like,Like-like 2.)Harry's like a second brother to me and seeing him make out with my best friend is...well,scary.But instead of walking up to his girlfriend,he came up to me first.

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