Skinny Love

Layne's in a relationship with Zayn,but shes deeply in love with Harry.Harry loves Jordan,Layne's best friend,but is starting to have feelings for Layne.But is Zayn falling for Piper,his used-to-be bestfirend?


1. Waffles and new kids

Layne's POV

Today is the first day of grade 8.I can do this.I can do this.Wait.I can't do this.Niall,my brother,had told me that almost all of the teachers for the eighth grade were a bunch of assholes and acted as though they hated every single kid that walked through their door.I don't work well knowing someone possibly hates me,it makes me feel..I don't know,like I'm the one who did something wrong when really,I did nothing.I was sitting on my bed looking over my new schedule and making sure I had all my crap in my bag when Niall barged in my room."Hay Layne,mom said I could have someone over,so don't go actin' all retardo on me,K?"

"Depends",I said,"Who is it?"

"OH,you don't know him.His name's Zayn.We met at the skate park.He's new this year so like I said,try to act as though you're a civilized human being that is totally and completely normal."

It's as though he doesn't know me.I'm basically the opposite.I'm awkward,and weird,and awkward.Opps,said that already.See?I'm friends with all of Niall's friends because I've known all of them since I was,like,8.Niall and I grew up in this tiny little town,so really,everybody knows everybody.I kind of feel bad for this Zayn kid.Being the new kid in a town of people where everybody knows everybody has to be hard.

Oh well.I'll invite Jordan over,she's my bestfriend.She's dating Niall's friend Harry,even though he's like,2 grades ahead of us.But oh well!To be honest,I kind of had a thing for Harry back in the this summer...Jordan and Harry didn't start dating until last month.Don't get me wrong,they're a cute couple and all,but they're not really 'in love'.They both just want one thing from the other,and it's not like they don't both see it.

For some reason,my mother decided it would be best to wake me up 2 hours before I had to.Which,now that I think about it,was a great idea.I had to shower.pick out my clothes(very important for the first day),I had to put on my face,and then I had to do my hair.Niall,on the other hand,took a shower then just threw on some clothes.Typical Ni!

My mom usually drives us to school,but she thinks that just because Niall managed to pass his drivers test,he should be able to drive us to school,which I think is an awful idea...I'm too young to die!

I was just about done curling my hair when Niall came in with a set of rules for riding in his new car.

"Are you serious?"

"Uhh,yeah.I can't have you messing my baby up,now can I?"He replied.

Sometimes,I wonder how he manged to get all A's and B's on every singe report card that came home.He sure doesn't act smart around the house.I remember when we were little,he thought A.D. stood for "After Dinosaurs".

"Whatever".I replied as he walke out of my room.

I finished doing everything I needed to do and went downstairs.My mom own a real estate company so usually she doesn't leave until about 9 unless she has to travel.Which I'm guessing she did today.

"Layne,I'm going to be home a little later tonight so if you and Niall want to order a pizza please feel free.I already told Niall he could have 1 friend over so if you wanna invite Jordan you can.But I don't want to come home to anything on fire this time!" She yelled running out the door.

Ok.Maybe last time a few weeks ago when I had Jordan over we might have accidently broken my microwave.She spent the night and we were making waffles.When we opened the microwave,well,there was no waffle...

A few minutes late Niall decided we should leave early to set up out new lockers so I grabbed a poptart(I forgot to eat breakfast...) and followed him out the door.


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