It's Life and Death Now

Terra Witt is 13 years old living in District Nine in the strong grasp of the Capitol. When her name is drawn to compete in the 63rd Hunger Games, her adventure begins.


4. Train to my Death

Kara comes in and leads me outside into a car. I meet Baxter in there, and we head off to the Capitol train. I have never been in a car or a train before, so I am sort of excited.
"You two are in for a treat!" Kara tells us. "Crystal chandeliers, banquets filled with lavishing sweets, beautiful clothing..." I got lost in Kara's conversation with us, and instead think of the silver locket that is still clenched in my hand.
I look at it, but decide to look at it later when I have some privacy. It's about a ten minute drive to the train station, and the whole way there, Kara rants on and on about the luxury. 
When we finally do arrive at the train station, I marvel at the fanciness of it. It's a giant train, looks bigger then my house, and is beautiful on the inside on the inside and out. 
It has crystal chandeliers in every cart, a mahogany table with fancy table mats, delicate and delectable deserts, expertly made food, and much more. 
Kara interrupts my thoughts and says, "Breathtaking, isn't it?"
"Yeah," I say.
I can tell Baxter doesn't really care, because he replies with, "Can you show us to our rooms?"
"Of course!" Kara squeaks as she takes off her long, pink gloves and moves us to the next cart.
The next cart has green carpet and one room. Kara leads Baxter into what must be his room, and walks out while she closes the door behind her.
Then, she leads me to the next cart that is identical to the cart that had Baxter's room, except this cart has red carpet.
Kara shows me to the room, and closes the door behind me. 
It has red carpet like the rest of the cart. It has a beautiful bed, a diamond light above, a walk in closet with pajamas, day clothes, and what look like yoga clothes. It also has a fancy dresser with an intricate lamp and lots of clothes in it, a window with a very beautiful landscape, and a bathroom about as big as ten of my outhouses.
I'm about to look to see what's in the locket, when I have a knock in the door.
Kara comes in. "Would you like some lunch?" she says.
I set the locket on the dresser and follow Kara to the lunch cart.
"Your's and Baxter's mentor will be there too." Kara tells me.
I walk into a cart with silver carpet, windows everywhere, crystal chandeliers, and banquets filled with food.
Also there is Baxter, and a young grown woman with beautiful, long brown hair, and emerald eyes, and an older man about the age of 30 with brown hair and hazel eyes sit at a table eating scones with jam and champagne.
"Hi," I say as I enter the room. 
Everyone turns toward me. 
The first to get up is the woman.
"Hello," she says. "I'm Glade, the only living girl victor of District 9."
"Hi." I say, lost for words.
"And this is Slate," she points to the man in the chair by Baxter. 
"Hello," I say.
"So what now?" I ask Glade.
"We eat. Come." she leads me over to a banquet table and adds two scones with jam, grapes, a chocolate brownie, and a glass of water. She sits me down next to her on the table.
"So what were you guys talking about?"
"I was just giving Baxter some life saving advice," Slate says sarcastically.
"You're so pathetic!" Glade tells him.
"Hey!" he replies. "At least I won fairly in the games!"
"What rules are there? You kill! And that's exactly what I did!"
"That's not what you did! You lied!"
"What did you do?" I ask Glade.
"She lied." Slate tells me.
"Shut up! Ok, well, I made an alliance with people, then I killed them in their sleep. I also made all the guys think I had fallen for them. So a lot of them kind of found me, I pretended to be in love, then I killed them, easy as that. Then in the finale, the guy gave up his life after he confessed his love for me. I didn't even have to kill him!" she says.
"What did you do Slate?"
"I used logic, unlike someone."
"You jerk!" Glade screams at him.
"Whatevs! Well anyways, I was in a rainforest arena, so I set traps for the other tributes. That was pretty much how I won."
"Oh," I say.
No one really talks after that. We just enjoy our lunch, then after look out the window.
Slate goes to his room for the rest of the day. Baxter follows him about an hour later.
That just leaves me and Glade.
I talk to her about my life, what happened to my mom. My relationship I created with Arista, the reaping, and stuff like that.
Before I know it it's dinner time.
Baxter and Slate decide to eat in their rooms, so we don't see them for the rest of the night.
I have steak, potatoes, and broccoli for dinner, then stuff myself with some dessert delicacies. 
By the time I've finished dinner, it's 9:00, and Glade goes to her room for the night. 
I go to my room as well, and change into some white linen pajamas.
I lay down on the bed and fall asleep, until I wake up again.
I look at the clock, and it says it's 11:00. 
I can't sleep, so I take the locket and wander around the train.
I find Kara, Slate, and Glade's room, each in separate compartments, a food cart where I stuff myself with food, Kara's closet, and a bunch of other weird things.
When I arrive at the end of the train, I sit down on the velvet couch. I still can't sleep.
Then a crazy thought comes to mind.
I get up and walk to the door to the outside, it's unlocked.

Author's Note:
What do you think is her crazy thought?
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