It's Life and Death Now

Terra Witt is 13 years old living in District Nine in the strong grasp of the Capitol. When her name is drawn to compete in the 63rd Hunger Games, her adventure begins.


2. The Reaping

When I get back home, my dad is eating some home made bread and goat cheese. "And where have you been?" he asks.
"Out taking a walk," I lie.
"And since when do you take walks?" he asks.
"Since today," I reply as I sit down and steal some bread from his plate. We eat in silence as we await the reaping. The odds should be in my favour, because my name is only in there four times. I'm worried about Arista. With her six sisters and one brother, her name is in there 11 times.
My dad finally speaks up, "You should wear your mom's reaping outfit. It should fit you."
"Dad, I-"
"Shut!" my dad cuts me off. "Wear it." 
I finish up eating and walk upstairs to my dad's room. His floor is littered with beer bottles, darts, and broken glasses.
I step to his closet, and take out my mom's pink cotton reaping dress with a thin black bow around the waist, and black Mary Janes.
I dress into it, and leave my hair in the high ponytail. I look at myself in my dad's broken glass mirror, and I have to say, I actually look pretty.
I walk downstairs and my dad stares at me. "Exceptional," is all he says. "Well, it's 1:00, we should head to town square."
He dresses in some nice pants that aren't stained and his work shirt.
We walk down to town square while people are starting to check in. 
"May the odds be ever in your favour," my dad mumbles as he walks off into the 'Parents Only' section. 
I sign in where they prick my finger and take blood. I stand close to the back where I wait for Arista to show. They put the 12 year olds in the back, and the 18 year olds in the front, so since I'm 13, I'm towards the back. Just as its about to start, Arista comes panting up to me. She's beautiful in her simple white dress and her hair tied in intricate braids. "Hey," she says.
I stare at the boy's section where Weilly stands with his small companion, Yate. 
Weilly looks over at me, and our eyes lock. I stare at him for a moment, then my eyes flutter away from his. 
We have the reaping in front of the Justice Building where there are two glass bowls that have the names in them, and 7 chairs that are filled with our 5 remaining victors (we have had 7 in all) sit, and the mayor plus his wife. 
Up steps our Capitol escort Kara, who is wearing the crazy Capitol clothing. This year, her long hair is black with dark blue and purple highlights, and she wears a fancy yellow/orange dress that represents the District of grain. 
She taps the microphone. "Welcome! Welcome, Welcome! Everybody, to the reaping, of the 63rd Annual Hunger Games! Good luck children of District 9, and may the odds be ever in your favour! We have a Capitol video, obviously brought here from the Capitol! Here it is!"
The movie starts and Risty grips my hand.
"War, terrible war,"  is how the movie starts. It explains how there was once a place called North America, then it flooded, and people fought for the last recourses. Then, a nation rose up called Panem, and there were 13 districts all surrounding the rich Capitol. Then the 13th district rebelled, and the Dark Days came. Then, the Capitol overthrew the 13the District. And to prove that a rebellion would never happen again, they created the Treaty of Treason, which brought The Hunger Games. 
"Wasn't that exciting!" Kara says. "Well, shall we begin?" she walks over to the girls bowl where my name is carefully written 4 times, but more importantly, where Arista's name is written on there 11 times. 
The District holds their breath as Kara digs her hand into the very bottom of the bowl and pulls out a slip of white paper. She holds it up for the district to see, and carefully opens it. 
She clears her voice, and says, "Terra Witt!"

Author's Note:
Who do you think the boy tribute will be?
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