It's Life and Death Now

Terra Witt is 13 years old living in District Nine in the strong grasp of the Capitol. When her name is drawn to compete in the 63rd Hunger Games, her adventure begins.


3. The Justice Building

My hand is released from Arista's.
I cant beleive it! My name was picked! My four names out of thousands was pick! The odds were SUPPOSED to be in my favour! I look into Weilly's eyes, and see the pain in them. 
Then I turn to Arista. Her gorgeous blue eyes are starting to water with salt water tears.
She flings onto me and screams, "NOOOOO!!!" I carefully peel her off and walk to the stage. Some peacekeepers escort me to Kara's hand. "Up we go, darling."
She leads me up on stage for all of Panem to see. I try to look brave for sponsors, but am really dying inside. 'Why me?' I think.
"Let's give this year's tribute a warm round of applause!" Kara starts to quickly clap, but the rest of the district stays silent. 
I stare at my Father, and see that he tries to avoid my gaze.
"Well, I guess there isn't a volunteer for missy Terra. Onto our boys!" Kara gleefully shouts.
She hops over to the boys bowl where Weilly's name is in there. I'm worried for him.
This time, Kara picks up the first slip of paper she touches. She hops back over to the microphone and says, "Baxter Lumex!" 
I've never heard the name before, so luckily it's no one I know.
A boy with brown hair and green eyes walks up on stage. I can tell he didn't have a family to come back to, because he has no expression in his eyes.
He looks about the age of 15-16.
Kara makes us exchange hand shakes. We shake hands, but he avoids my gaze. I just stare off at the Capitol seal of the Justice Building.
I am ushered into the building by some peacekeepers. I sit on the satin-leather couches and start to at least enjoy the luxury I will have before my death.
The first person to come in of course is Arista.
She runs up to me and hugs me. "You can do this!" she says. "I know you can! Make people like you and depend on sponsors, ok? Get an ally that can hunt for you. Just try Terra please!"
"I will." I tell her. "I promise."
We stare at each other for a moment, then a peacekeeper ushers her out.
"You can do this!" she yells. 
The next people to come in are my uncle (the mayor), his wife, and my dad. 
My aunt says, "You can do this sweetie, as long as you try." she kisses my forehead and exits the room.
My uncle stares into my eyes and just says, "May the odds be ever in your favour, Terra." then he leaves as well.
Then comes my dad. "I guess if you die, I'll name some sort of alcoholic drink after ya." I wasn't sure is it was a compliment, so I just hugged him and said, "I love you too Daddy."
Then a peacekeeper takes him away.
The next visitor I don't expect.
Weilly comes into the room.
"Thanks for the cake," is all I manage to say.
He smiles, but it slowly disintegrates into a frown.
I cling onto him and start crying. "I love you Weilly! Just know that."
He releases me and moves a stray hair from my face. "I love you too."
We stand there face to face for a moment, then he hands me something.
It's a silver heart locket. He places it in my hand. And just before he leaves the room, he places his lips onto mine.

Author's Note:
What do you think is in the locket?
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