It's Life and Death Now

Terra Witt is 13 years old living in District Nine in the strong grasp of the Capitol. When her name is drawn to compete in the 63rd Hunger Games, her adventure begins.


11. Reaping Clips

Training day is much scarier than you may think, that is after you watch the reaping clips.
When I wake up I find the reaping clips and put it into the screen.
It starts with District One where a very strong boy and a very beautiful girl volunteer with very proud families watching.
District Two is another burly boy and a very happy girl. They seem to know each other.
The District Three girl faints and the boy is sadly pushed to the front. 
District Four has a very, very bulky boy who's arms are already flexing inside his shirt without him even trying. The girl is slender, but looks to be a fierce competitor. Districts 5 and 6 slip by, but there is a mental breakdown in seven. An about fifteen year old boy tries to make a run for it when his name is called, but the peacekeepers taze him and carry him to their Justice Building.
Eight goes by and then I see nine. I'm called and I look a lot more scared than I remember. I see Arista screams very loudly. Then Baxter is called. I notice a grown woman with all the parents in the back walks away from the crowd with her eyes filling with water.
It must be Baxter's foster mom or whatever. Maybe she did care about him.
The rest of the clips go by with nothing else really exciting. Out of all the reaping clips, the one closest to my age is either 14 or 15. I shudder at the thought that I'm the youngest.
I'll probably be killed the easiest, or just left to starve.
I don't hear Baxter walk in, so I jump when he says, "Hey."
After I spaz out I reply, "Oh, hey."
He sees me eying what must be his foster mother.
He hurriedly turns off the T.V. and walks away.
"I know she cares about you," I tell him as he walks out.
He stops and without turning around says, "She doesn't."
I walks after him. "Baxter. I know what your going to do once you get in the games."
"Oh yeah? What's that?"
"Your going to just die. You think nobody cares about you but people do."
"Oh yeah? Who? I have no friends, no family, no one that I'm close to."
"People care about you."
"Name one. Slate? My foster mother? Kara?!"
I stare at him. "Me."
I silently walk to my room to get dressed, because I am still in the clothes I slept in. I slam the door just as I hear Baxter yell, "Terra!"
I lock it and hear him outside the door.
I look in the closet for something to wear.
I pick out a pair of clothes only to find a black and red pair of clothes already laid on the bed for me.
It's a black short sleeve shirt with thick red seams and a '9' on the back. The pants are the same.
I put on the clothes and they are very comfy as usual.
On the floor are some dark brown boots that go just above my ankles.
I put on the shoes and they are relatively bouncy.
I walk out and Slate and Glade are talking to each other while eating.
They see me walk in. "Ah, Terra I see you've found your training clothes."
I look down at the clothes. "Yep."
"Excellent. Please join us." Glade pulls out a chair for me and I join them in breakfast.
After about 30 minutes Baxter joins us in the same clothes as me.
He smiles at me and I slightly smile back, still kind of mad at him.
He joins us in eating and when we are done Slate says, "So, before you two start your individual training, you will have three compulsory exercises. Then you can go off and train. Got it?"
Baxter and I both nod our heads.
Slate looks to an avox and asks, "Trayna, is it time yet?"
She bows an nods her head. 
"Well," Slate and Glade get up, "let's go."
Baxter and I follow our mentors out into the corridor and into the elevator.
We get in and are greeted by the District Ten mentors.
They nod their heads at Glade and Slate and we head down to the first floor.
On the second floor, District Two comes in.
The District Ten people back up as if they're scared.
Baxter quickly grabs my hand and pulls me to the back. I stumble back with him and the two mentors and tributes from Twi courageously walk in.
The male is A LOT bigger, and bulkier, and scarier in person.
He cracks his fingers as if ready to kill and the female shoots me an evil smirk.
We arrive at ground level and we all hurry off.
"Oh Angrel," a female mentor from Two days to Ten, "I'm sure your tributes will do great, just like last year."
She walks off laughing with her two tributes and the other mentor.
We walk to a room and a peacekeeper opens it for us.
When we walk into the big, black, scary room, all I see is knives and swords. Knives and swords and spears. 

Authors Note...
How do you think Baxter will do in training?
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