It's Life and Death Now

Terra Witt is 13 years old living in District Nine in the strong grasp of the Capitol. When her name is drawn to compete in the 63rd Hunger Games, her adventure begins.


7. My Prep Team

I stare at my prep team in awe. They obviously have a crazy sense of fashion. The girl that introduced me has fiery red hair and gold tattoos on her hands that look like skeleton hands with leaves coming out of them. 
The next girl has green hair, a dragon tattoo on her arm, and has skin faintly like a dragon's. Her eyes are also a reddish-goldish.
The last girl seemed to have kept her blonde hair (except for a few streaks of black and orange), but the rest of her body is tattooed everywhere to make her look like a leopard. 
"Um, hi," I say.
"Hi!" the girl with the red hair squeaks in her high pitched accent. "I'm Nevada, this is Trixie," she points to the dragon girl, "and this is Mabel," she points to the leopard girl. "Right this way dear!"
We walk out of the room back into the place where the two 18 year olds were on the beds.
They lead me to my very own bed and shut the curtain.
My prep team gathers some supplies on the table and goes to work.
They make me strip my clothes while they hose me down with water. 
When they're done with that, I lay on the bed while Trixie starts putting some oil on me, then laying down sheets of something.
Nevada starts to brush out all of the tangles out of my hair, and frankly, I have a lot.
When all the sheets are laid out on my body, Trixie starts to rip them off. The first one comes as a shock.
"Ow!" I yell at her. "What was that for?" I sit up.
Trixie pushes me back into a laying position.
"Well how are you supposed to look pretty with all your hair?" she says, trying to be funny.
I stare at her while she keeps ripping them off one by one.
RRRRR-IIIIIIIIP! Every time I wince at the pain, Trixie screams, "Sorry!!!"
When I am all shaved (luckily I only had to have it done once), Nevada and Mabel do their job.
Nevada continues to brush and wash my hair, and Mabel starts to work on my makeup.
"For the opening ceremonies we're going very yellow and orange! Just like grain!" Nevada tells me.
Mabel applies a bit of blush to hide my blemishes, and puts on just a little bit of yellow eye shadow. Then she decorates my eyelid with a grain look.
Nevada gently waves my hair, and makes it look very beautiful and silky.
When Mabel is done with my eyes, she goes ahead with my nails. She paints them a soft orange, and paints little yellow grain fields on them.
My prep team stands back and admires their work.
"Perfect!" Trixie says.
I look it a perfectly, not cracked mirror, and I have to say, their work defiantly payed off. I don't look pretty, not even beautiful, I look flawless.
For the first time I hear Mabel talk. Her voice is quite normal for a Capitolist. Not very high pitched or squeaky, her style though, that's still definitely... strange.
"Uh, thanks," I say quietly and slightly smile. 
"Well you do look lovely!"  Nevada says.
I smile at them. 
"Are you ready to meet Lach- your stylist?" Trixie asks.
"I guess so. What's she like? Or is it a boy?" I ask.
"Her name's Lachlan," Nevada starts. "She's very nice, has a lovely sense of fashion I must say, but is, well..." she trails off.
"What? What is she?"
"Well, she's, uh... You'll see!" Nevada makes it sound like nothing. 
"Oh-ok," I slightly question.
"Great! Let's go!" 
Nevada, Trixie, and Mabel hand me a robe. I dress in the soft dress/coat and then they lead me out of the curtained room.
We ride the elevator up one more floor, then get off.
Trixie points to the door that I'm supposed to go through, then they push me off the elevator and go back down.
I walk to the door and touch the glass handle.
I open the door to find a white room with cold floors.
I carefully sit on a cold blue bench and wait for the arrival of my stylist. 
The door opens and in walks Lachlan.
It takes me a moment to figure out why my prep team was so hesitant about her.
Because standing in front of me is a beautiful 19 year old.

Authors Note
Do you think it's odd that her stylist is 19 years old?

{I know that Capitolists usually look young, but it will be explained in the next chapter}
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