It's Life and Death Now

Terra Witt is 13 years old living in District Nine in the strong grasp of the Capitol. When her name is drawn to compete in the 63rd Hunger Games, her adventure begins.


8. Lachlan

She smiles huge. "Hi!"
I stare at her. Usually Capitolists have had so many plastic surgeries to make them look younger but I can tell this girl is 19. 
Not just by the way she looks but by her voice, clothes, and the way she merely moves.
Her purple and pink streaked hair is up in a high ponytail similar to Kara's. Her purple eyes gleam at me and her skin around the eye is painted like feathers. She has a feather tattoo on her left hand with small birds coming out of it. She wears a poofy yellow dress with orange high heels. I must say, she has a strange sense of fashion.
I remember Caesar Flickerman talking about a stylist a few years back. She had be District 2's stylist and was only 23. 
He pointed out a new rule the Capitol made that no stylists could be under 20. 
Why they made that rule: I don't know.
But rule is a rule, especially in the Capitol.
Lachlan sees me staring at her. 
"Before you say anything! Yes! I know I'm young!"
She tries to say something else, but I say, "Yeah. Um, you know you can't be under 20... Right?"
She laughs. "Of course silly! But hey, there are even some rebels in the Capitol."
She gives me a friendly wink.
I smile.
"So! Terra, right?"
I nod my head.
She tells me to stand up and take my robe off.
I do so, slightly reluctant, not wanting to show my bare body to a complete stranger. 
She walks around me, carefully focusing on my face and hair.
She mutters things like, "Perfect. Interesting... Exactly!"
When she's done I slip my robe back on.
She opens to door and leads me out to another room which looks to be a sitting room.
It has three blank orange walls, a glass window with fills up the fourth wall and gives me a view of the afternoon city. Two red velvet couches sit across from each other with an oak table in the middle.
"Please, sit," she gestures to one of the couches and I gently sit on it. 
"Are you hungry? Of course you are!" she gives me a warm smile and presses a small button on the table.
Lunch is instantly served.
My eyes widen.
"Amazing isn't it?!" Lachlan squeals. 
Our food is revealed to be fancy noodles drizzled with some white sauce, salt, pepper, and basil. To the side of that is a plate of beautifully grown fruits and vegetables (including peas, apples, onions, tomatoes, and oranges). Lastly, a slice of chocolate cake is set on a plate decorated with sauces.
I stare at the food in awe as Lachlan eats it as if it's nothing special. 
I quickly dig into the noodles which almost explode in my mouth.
The fruits and vegetables are unlike anything we could ever grow. And the cake is so rich and delicate.
"So, we need to talk. About your chariot costume, I want to go with the usual orange and yellow grain look. But instead of just using grain, I want to do more of a glamorous look. District 1 always wins over District 9 and every other district every year! So I want to use the glamorous look of District 1, but stay with the grain look.
So I came up with a costume that focuses on your beauty, strength, but also the great district of grain!"
I smile, knowing that she'll do something great.
I remember the chariot outfit from last year. The dress went down to the knees and poofed out at the end.
The dress was made entirely out of grain stalks. The shoes we yellow high heels with and anklet connected to the shoe with grain stalks coming out of it. It was an amazing outfit but District One was still the favorite.
"Were you here last year?" I ask.
"Yes! That was my first year here as a stylist! They thought I was 27 that year! Why do you ask?"
"Well, I just remember the outfit. It was amazing."
"Well I did work hard on it!" she laughs slightly. "Now hurry up and finish your food! We have work to do!"
I quickly finish my food, savoring the taste which I will soon not have in the games.
When I'm finished, we go to an assigned room next to the city circle where the opening ceremonies will be held.
The door says 'District Nine Female' and is specifically for me.
It has blue couches, a dressing area, a mirror, a closet, a makeup area, a hair chair, tables, and a schedule of the opening ceremonies.
Lachlan starts by reassuring that my makeup is done how she desires.
When she touches up a few areas she goes along with my hair. 
She does three cascade braids across my head into a twisted ponytail.
She adds some small grain stalks to my hair and makes it look very beautiful.
Lachlan gives me a yellow short-sleeve jumpsuit that goes down to my knees to put on.
Once I have that on she starts to dress me in my chariot costume.
It is very long and goes down to about my ankles. When I first see it, all it looks like a very soft gold and yellow dress. When it is put on me I realize the amazing part.
This isn't just an ordinary dress; the dress is made out of each little seed of grain.
"Whoa," I say.
"Glad you like it! It took me all year!"
I think. "Is that why we had to pick more grain this year?"
"Yes!" she says.
I smile. I look stunning in the dress, and hopefully the Capitol will see so too.
I twirl around in the dress and it is relatively comfy.
Lachlan fits on a head dress that is a soft orange and made out of grain on my head. It's also connected to a choker collar made out of grain around my neck.
I slip on some high heels that are also a soft orange and have grain on the ankles.
For the finishing touch, I am sprinkled with brown glitter.
I stare at myself in the mirror.
"I look..."
"Beautiful, stunning, flawless? I know," Lachlan says, very happy with her creation.
"Thank you," I tell her.
She smiles. "Well! It's almost time! Come on! Let's go!"
She hurries me out of the room into the space in the back of the city circle.
We meet Baxter and his stylist Thoth.
Baxter is in a jumpsuit similar to mine.
He has the same headdress and grain shoes. We have on the same colors and he is also sprinkled with brown glitter.
"Hi," I say. "You look nice!"
"Thanks. So do you!" he smiles at me.
"Well lets get into the chariot." Thoth says in his deep voice.
Thoth helps Baxter and me up into the chariot pulled by four beautiful palomino horses.
I look around at all the other tributes.
There's District One in their beautiful costumes. They're glittered with diamonds everywhere. They'll be sure to catch the audiences attention.
District 3 is dressed in some sort of wire costume. 
District 4, in fish and pearl costumes that make them gleam like the ocean.
District 10 in a sheep and cow costumes.
And District 12 in the usual coal miner outfit. 
District 1 roles out into the circle followed by cheers and District 2.
When District 6 leaves I start to feel Baxter's hand slip into mine.
I look at him. "Don't let go!"
He smiles. "I won't, I never will."
I finally start to realize that Baxter is more than a friend. He's a brother.
"Ok! Nine! Go!" Lachlan yells.
Our horses speed off into the city circle and I tighten my grip on Baxter's hand.

Authors Note
Which District do you think will be the favorite?
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