It's Life and Death Now

Terra Witt is 13 years old living in District Nine in the strong grasp of the Capitol. When her name is drawn to compete in the 63rd Hunger Games, her adventure begins.


10. How do you want to die?

"Oh my gosh," I mutter under my breath. I quickly stand up and yell, "She has no tongue!" I point at we with wide eyes and she stares blankly back.
I scream and yell at them that she seriously needs help when Glade screams, "SHUT UP!!!"
We all stop and stare at her.
"Terra she's an avox, someone who committed a crime."
I give her a questioned look.
She answers back with an annoyed sigh.
"Yes Terra, I know her tongue is cut out. When someone commits a serious crime the punishment is death or becoming an avox when they cut your tongue out and make you serve in the Capitol."
"Oh," I say as I sit back down.
Everybody goes back to eating until Glade speaks up. "So Terra, we need to figure out your strategy, trainings tomorrow and we need to figure out what your aiming for."
I stare at her with a full mouth of the cheesy pasta. "Ok," I reply as I try to keep the food inside my mouth.
"So, there are many strategies to go for in this game."
"You could cheat," Slate mumbles under his breath.
"Just drop it! You do this every year! Anyways, what do you want to go for?"
"Well, um, I'll go for small, weak, unnoticed... It might buy me time to survive."
"Excellent!" Glade says. "I love that!"
"Well it shouldn't be that hard. I'm not very good at surviving."
"All you need to do is find your strength."
Slate and Baxter get caught up in their own conversation as Glade tells me the different things I can learn tomorrow.
" good, so are snares and nets."
"For tributes or animals?" I ask.
"Well for both, but mainly for animals I would suppose. Just make sure you learn the basics. I want you to learn survival skills tomorrow. The next day you'll learn how to use weapons, and the third day, work on what needs work. The important things of course."
"So what should I learn tomorrow?"
"The main thing is how to make a fire. There is usually wood in the arena, and a fire is a crucial survival tip. Also like I said work on food. Where to find plants, what's safe and what isn't. Also learn your meats. The gamemakers will put unsafe meat in the arena. Learn what fish is good, there is always a lake or pond or somewhere with water. Learn camouflage too. Slate was great with camouflage, and that's what helped him to win. It's also good to learn how to run without becoming tired, and to climb trees."
"Ok," I say nervously, for it's a lot to learn in one day.
"So Terra, what are your strengths?"
"Well," I say thinking, "I'm good at hiding. I can blend in an fund good places to hide."
"Excellent! And what are your weaknesses?"
"Well, I'm small. I've never used a weapon before."
"Thats ok, most tributes haven't, that's what training is for."
"Anything else I should know?" I ask.
"Well, I don't think so. That's all you need to know for the first day. Slate, I think we should order some Angel Food cake, what do you think?"
"I agree," Slate turns around after taking to a confidant looking Baxter.
The avoxes come out with some fluffy substance that they hand to each of us. They also carry what looks like semi-smashed strawberries and some white stuff in a bowl.
I follow what Kara does. She takes the strawberry stuff and places it in the cup of the cake, the sides, ad drizzles the strawberry liquid on it. Then she puts the white cream substance on the strawberries.
I do this, then carefully take a bite. The strawberry explodes in my mouth, mixed with the fluffy cake and creamy white stuff.
"Oh my gosh," I say with an overly stuffed mouth, "what is this?"
"It's angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries," Lachlan tells me. "Amazing isn't it?"
"It's better than amazing," I say, but I don't think she can hear me because I have too much food in my mouth.
When Baxter and I have finished our meal, we are ushered into our rooms to await the first day of training.
I take the locket and put it around my neck. I decide that I should keep it on at all times from now on, just in case,
I dress in a silk nightgown and turn off all the lights.
I lay on the comfy plus bed, wondering what the next day will bring. I will get to be face to face with the other tributes.
"Well, let's just hope they don't maul me on the first day," I say silently to myself.
I close my eyes and suddenly realize how tired I am.
"Good night dad, good night Arista... Good night Weilly."
A tear streams down my face; for Arista, for my papa, for Weilly... Even for Baxter.
I fall asleep and my slumber is filled with disturbing dreams that involve strawberries, whipped cream, and The Hunger Games.

Authors Note...
Do you think Terra will do well in training.
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