It's Life and Death Now

Terra Witt is 13 years old living in District Nine in the strong grasp of the Capitol. When her name is drawn to compete in the 63rd Hunger Games, her adventure begins.


6. Closer to my Death

Big, luxurious, buildings. That's all I see as we inch closer to the Capitol.
I hurry and climb back down the ladder into the last cart. 
I bolt through cart by cart until I reach the one containing my room.
I shut the door behind me and strip my clothes. I don't even bother washing the cake out of my hair and instead dress into some silk pajamas and get into the bed.
The sheets and mattress is way comfier than mine back home.
'Home' I think. I'll probably never see it again...
I leave the locket on, fearing it will get taken away from me.
I see someone walk past my room from the crack under the door.
They talk with someone in hushed voices, then Kara opens my door.
I quickly close my eyes and hear her say, "Let's let them sleep. They have a big day tomorrow. How long until the station?"
"About ten minutes," I hear a man say.
"Ok. Make sure they have breakfast ready for them when they wake up. Like I said, hey have a big, big day tomorrow."

~I'm walking through a beautiful rainforest, with birds chirping and a warm drizzle of rain falling on top of me.
I walk through it, admiring the lush surroundings when I hear a scream. A scream, then a cry for help.
I sprint to the sound, and see someone lying in a big pool of blood.
I kneel by them, and beg them to stay with me, but it's to late, they're already gone.
I look down at my hands, and see a bloody knife in it. I suddenly feel the urge to kill, and find someone else.
I sneak up on them and stab them in the heart. I stab them everywhere on their body, an they stop breathing.
I finally look down on my victim, and see that it's Weilly.~

I burst awake, drenched in my own sweat.
I look down and feel that the locket is clenched in my hands with blood on it.
I rush to the bathroom and see that I have a bloody nose.
I wash off my nose, the necklace, and my hands.
I take off my clothes and turn the water to the shower on, then hop in.
I enjoy the warm water as we only have cold water back at home. It feels like standing in a warm, pouring rain.
I take a look at the wall of the shower and see buttons. A panel of buttons to be exact; probably over 100 of them.
I decide to test out the buttons. They all have tiny words under them like 'warn water' 'cold water' 'lilac' and stuff like that. I start with the 'warm water button', and warms water sprays at me from the sides.
Then I press the button that reads 'lilac', and some purple liquid is sprayed all over me.
I start pressing more and more buttons that release shampoo, conditioner and body soap. 
I press a 'brush' button, and a claw comes out holding a brush.
I scream and duck, but it follows my head and brushes my hair out.
I quickly jump out of the shower and suddenly, warm air is blown on me. I let it dry me of, then wrap myself in a towel.
I walk into the closet, and realize its a lot bigger than I thought.
There is more buttons, but this time, you press them to make the clothes in the closet match your style.
I choose a pretty, fancy, colorful clothing, with a hint of fierceness.
It immediately reads my mind, and what seems like thousands of shirts, pants, skirts, hair accessories, shoes, jewelry, and dresses come into the closet.
I choose a beautiful strapless punk dress that lightly falls to my knees. It has black lace on it and is stunning.
I put on some lace black flats that match great with the dress, and put on the locket from Weilly. 
I press a random button, and it does my hair in a braid across my head, which they call a 'waterfall braid'. I grab the gray ribbon and tie it on the end o the braid.
I look in a perfectly nice mirror that is on the wall, and I have to say, I look gorgeous.
Glade told me to wear something nice to make an impression on the Capitol people, and I think I will.
I walk out of the room into the cart, then down the carts into the food cart.
Glade is already standing by the door waiting for me while Bax and Slate at eating and Kara is carefully putting on her makeup.
Glade holds out a plate of eggs with cheese and ham in them, bacon, sausage, muffins, rolls, butter, and a glass of orange stuff.
I grab the plate but stare at the drink.
"It's orange juice. It's good. Try it."
Glade says as she hands it to me.
I carefully take the drink and sit down.
The food that is given to me on my plate is almost too much. And home we sometimes have to skip meals, but this, this is just amazing.
I gobble down the eggs and bacon and it is already too much for my stomach.
I run to the bathroom, and it comes out. I throw up into the toilet, and flush.
I come back out.
"You're a true Capitolist I see!" Kara squeaks in her ridiculous Capitol accent.
"What?" I ask.
"Well, in the Capitol, we eat a lot of food, then throw it all up do we can it more!"
I stare at her, because if we ever threw up, it would be because of not having enough food.
I eat the rest of my meal, but this time more slowly, so it has time to sink in.
When I finish eating, I realize that Baxter is staring at me.
"What?" I say with a half stuffed mouth of my last bite.
He smiles. "Nothing, you just look really pretty."
"Uhhh, thanks," I say, lost for words.
"Well!" Kara says. "I think we can all agree Terra look pretty fabulous. But of course, I look the best of all of us!" she smacks her lipsticked lips together. "Now, today is going to be a VERY big day! We have opening ceremonies, so you get to visit your prep team..." she trails off and stares at Baxter's hairy legs. "Because I think your going to need it. Now, you'll also see your stylists! They are very nice, and I think you'll like them! So is everyone ready?!"
We all just stare at her, for she talks so dang fast.
"Oook then! Let's go!"
She leads us past a few carts, then we exit the train into the fresh air.
We exit onto a red carpet, roped off by peacekeepers and ropes, while the Capitol citizens try to get a quick look at this year's tributes.
Glade and Kara blocks me from their view, and leads us into a huge building, onto an elevator. 
We go up a few floors, and stop. Kara leads us out into a white room where there are rows and rows of beds. Each bed is separated by curtains, and there are a lot of things on the tables next to them.
Two kids, probably about 18 years old each, are already on the table, getting treated by weird looking people. 
I'm leaded into a bright room where there are tables an tools.
The door is shut and I'm left all alone.
I'm left all alone for a few minutes, then the door opens again. In walks three odd looking people.
I scan them for a few seconds, then one of them says, "Hello Terra, we're your prep team."

Author's Note
How do you think her prep team will be?
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