It's Life and Death Now

Terra Witt is 13 years old living in District Nine in the strong grasp of the Capitol. When her name is drawn to compete in the 63rd Hunger Games, her adventure begins.


5. A Talk with the Unknown Boy

I walk outside to the cool air. 
Although it feels like the train isn't even moving, the wind on my hair it so fast, and the area surrounding me is just a blur.
I look up to the top of the train, and see a ladder.
I climb the ladder to the top, and sit down on the top of the train.
I am finally alone.
I open the locket. Inside, is a picture of me on the left (not sure how he got that), and a picture of Weilly on the left.
My eyes start to water, and I put the locker around my neck.
I sit on the top of the train for what seems like hours, just clutching the silver locket and watching the scenery zoom by.
Then, I get an unexpected visitor.
A curious head pops out from the top of the ladder.
"Baxter?" I ask.
He comes up on top an sits down with me. "Couldn't sleep either?" he asks.
I shake my head no.
He glances at my locket. "What's that?"
"Oh, just something someone have to me at the Justice Building."
"So you have family and friends?"
"Yeah," I say, "Don't you?"
"No. My dad committed suicide shortly after my mom was beheaded in front of District 9."
"That's awful!" I say. "Why was she beheaded?"
"Stealing. When I was about 4, we were starving, so she uh, she took the risk," he stammers.
"Oh. So did family take care of you?"
"No. I was adopted by one of the teachers at school. She did it only out of pure pity."
"I see. Don't you have any friends though? A girlfriend maybe?"
"Nope. It's just me. I was almost relieved when my name was called. I really have no point in living any longer."
"Don't say that!" I snap at him. "You should be lucky that your alive! Do you know how many people starve to death in District 9?!"
"I know!" he snaps back. "But that's the point. Now they'll have one less mouth to feed. Besides, I don't even think I'll try to win."
"You should try Baxter. At least try! Besides, if you win, you'll go home and have a much better life."
"A better life doing what? Training kids to go to their own slaughter?"
I turn away from him.
"We won't get slaughtered, we'll win," I mumble.
We sit in silence for a few minutes, then he says, "What about you? Friends? Who was that girl who hugged you after your name was called?"
"Oh. That was my best friend Arista. I would have probably done the same if her name was called." I slightly laugh.
We sit there in silence again, when Baxter finally says, "I'm going to go get us some food," and he walks back down the ladder to the inside.
I wait up on top of the train for about five minutes, when Baxter appears back on top with me holding a cake and singing "Happy Birthday".
"Baxter!" I yell. "What's all this for?"
When he finishes singing and sets the cake down, he says, "Well, when Slate and I heard it was your birthday. We decided to make you a cake. So that's why we went into our rooms for the night. Because we were making the cake."
He smiles at me.
"Well you really shouldn't have! I never get presents! Well, except for a cake once, but my family is too poor and careless."
"Well then, cheers."
He slices me and him a piece of cake, and we clink our plates.
"But before you eat, I need to tell you something."
He takes a part of his piece of cake, and throws it at me.
I scream, "Baxter!" and throw a piece right back at him.
"Gotcha!" he laughs as he dodges the cake.
I throw another piece at him, and it lands in his eye.
"Oh no you didn't!"
"Food! Fight!" I scream at the top of my lungs.
We throw cake at each other and make a mess until there is no more mess to make.
I sit down beside him and lick a piece of cake of my finger.
"Mmm, chocolate," I say.
"Glad you like it."
We sit there in silence until the sun begins to rise.
Baxter takes the dishes and starts to walk down the ladder.
Just before his head disappears, he says, "By the way, call me Bax, not Baxter, I like it better." he smiles and walks back down the ladder.
I smile.
I look into the horizon, and start to see something. I can't place what it is, but then I realize.
We've arrived at the Capitol.

Author's Note
What do you think about Baxter?
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