It's Life and Death Now

Terra Witt is 13 years old living in District Nine in the strong grasp of the Capitol. When her name is drawn to compete in the 63rd Hunger Games, her adventure begins.


1. Arista's News

I stare at the swinging light above me. Dad must be upstairs drunk again. I swing my legs over the bed into my moccasins and head outside to get a pail of water from the well. 
As I'm walking back with pail in hand, I see a note laying in front of the door. I pick it up and it says,
'Meet me at the edge of grain fields. I have a surprise!
I smile at the note. Risty is the nickname I gave to my best and only friend, Arista. She's the most beautiful person in our school with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She stands out from everyone else in our district, because most of us have hazel eyes and light brown hair. I have hazel eyes, and dark brown hair, so I guess I can call myself normal.
I head back inside and place the pail of water on the table. I run upstairs to check on my dad before I get ready and head off. 
Most houses in District 9 are one story and very small. But we live in the small, richer part of the district where few other wealthier people live and where the Mayor's house is. It's also where the victor's village is located. You see, my dad's brother is the mayor. They have always offered for us to live with them, but my dad refuses every time. To drunk up I guess. And I can't live there because District 9 law says that a child must live with their parent or guardian until they are 18. So there goes that idea.
 I peek into his room from the key hole. He's in his room with a bottle of whiskey in his hand throwing darts at a picture of the Capitol symbol. 
He's always hated the Capitol, because of the games that they host every year, The Hunger Games. They send in two kids, a boy and a girl, from the ages of 12-18, from each of the 12 districts surrounding the Capitol, and put them in an arena that could hold anything from a rainforest to a tundra, to fight to the death until a lone victor remains. When my parents fell in love, my mom had a kid at the age of 18. That kid was me, Terra. That same year she was reaped into The Hunger Games. She ended up in a rainforest arena, and did very well, until the last six tributes, where her throat was slit in her sleep by her fellow ally. Her ally ended up winning those games. I've always hated him for killing my mother. But anyways, that's why my dad hates the Capitol, for killing my mum. So a couple years after she died, my dad became a drunken hazard. Luckily, he still works... as an alcohol shop owner, figures. 
So yeah, my dad owns a shop, and I work in the the grain fields in the summer. 
My job is to make sure the grain is healthy, so I usually have to get bugs of the grain. It's not the best job, but hey, it pays the bills!
So I walk back downstairs where my room is located, and change into my summer work clothes which consists of a gray T-Shirt, cropped jeans, and my moccasins. 
I then tie my dark brown hair into a high ponytail, and tie it off with a gray ribbon Risty made for me.
I head outside to the grain fields. Risty wanted me to meet her at the place where we first met. It's not a phenomenal story, but we have the same job, so I kind of just bumped into her while looking at the grain at the end of the field. We luckily live in a better District then others like 11 and 12. 
I arrive at the end of the field. 
At this time of day, people would usually be working hard. But mot today, because its reaping day.
 I walk a little bit farther and something jumps out at me. "Boo!" it yells.
I scream, and look up to see beautiful Arista Meel standing over me.
"Arista!" I yell at her. "You scared me half to death."
"Muahaha!!! My evil plan worked." 
"Oh haha Risty, everyone's laughing," I say sarcastically. 
"Well I have some news!" she shrieks.
"Well, spit it out," I say. 
"Well ok. Here it is: Weilly Thorn has a crush on you!"
Weilly Thorn is a tall kid with light brown hair and blue eyes. Every single girl in the school has a crush on him, including me.
"What?!" I scream. "How do you know?"
"I heard him talking to Yate, and he was asking him who he likes, and he said loud and clear, 'I like Terra Witt'."
"Oh my gosh! Are you serious?!"
"Yeah, and I have another surprise for you!" Arista pulls out a white frosted cake that reads, 'Happy Birthday Terra' written in Weilly's handwriting. 
I take it out of her hands, "Did Weilly make this... for me?"
"Yeah, well he bought it. I was going to drop off the note at your house when I saw the cake. I knew that your dad would get mad if he saw it, so I took it and hid it. I saw Weilly at the bakery the other day, and I guess thats what he was getting."
"Wow. This must have costed a fortune! I guess his family is kind of rich.  Even compared to the mayor!" I say. "I didn't even know he knew my birthday was today."
"Everybody does Terra, your birthday's on Reaping Day, that's not necessarily a normal date."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know."
"Well lets eat!" she says as she slices up the cake. 
We eat the chocolate cake with white icing while looking as the sun rises high in the sky. 
I look at the district sun dial, and it says 12:00.
"Shoot! I have to get back home! My dad will be wondering where I am. See ya at the reaping!" I hug Arista good-bye and run off.
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