My Valentines Day

Liam and you have been fightig for the last 3 months. This Valentines Day, will you and Liam working things out or will things lead to a divorce.


1. One Shot :)


Today was Valentines Day and you have just had a fight with your husband Liam. You have been having these fights on and off for the last couple of months.

You want to go outside but you don’t want talk or even look at Liam. He said the most awful things to you.

You leave your bedroom wiping the tears away from your eyes. You sneak down the stairs hoping Liam doesn’t hear you. You pass the kitchen where Liam is reading the newspaper. "where are you going?" he asked.

You jump at the sound of his voice. You walk to the front door before answering.

"out" you say opening the door and slamming it.

You walk to the sidewalk and burst into tears. You sit down in the gutter and put your head into your hands.

'why do things have to be like this' you think to yourself.

Suddenly your four-year-old daughter Sophie taps you on the shoulder.

"mummy, are you ok? Why are you crying?' she asked.

'I'm fine honey. Do you want to hear some stories?' you ask her.

She nods and sits down next to you. You put an arm around her small waist and pull her into your lap.

You tell her all the funny stories and memories of you and the boys, like when you went for ice cream once and Niall stood there for over an hour choosing a flavour.

You missed the boys. After the band broke up, Louis and Eleanor moved back to Doncaster, Zayn and Perrie got married and bought a house, Niall found his princess and moved back to Ireland, Harry on the other hand was gone. He died seven years ago. This was one of the reasons the band broke up. You missed him the most because you couldn’t call him, you couldn’t Skype him and you aren't going to see his face again. He was your only brother. The only family member that understood you and he was gone.

You send Sophie inside and ball your eyes out again. Some one taps you on the shoulder. You turn around to see Liam, eyes red and puffy from crying.

"I'm sorry, (y/n), Please forgive me. I shouldn’t of said those things."

He sits down next to you and pulls you into a hug. You rest your head on his chest.

"Liam. 7 years"

He knew exactly what you were talking about.

He began to sniffle as you started to cry again

"I know. I know" he repeated rubbing your back.

"I think we need to go inside. I don’t trust Joshua with Sophie" you say laughing.

"They remind me of you and Harry sometimes. Just some of the things they do." Liam said grabbing you by the waist and leading you inside.

 You walk inside expecting the worst. Instead you find Joshua reading Sophia a story. You laugh and take a photo and send it to the boys. Within seconds Louis and Zayn send a message back.

'I miss them and you of course. We need to Skype really soon' -Louis

'Look at them. There growing up so fast. I really need to come and see you x x'- Zayn.

You place down your phone and go and sit next to Joshua, helping him with the words and you think to yourself how did you ever get this perfect family.

Your kids soon fell asleep on the lounge and you carried them up stairs to both of their rooms. They were so peaceful when they slept. You can here things being moved around downstairs. You go to the bathroom and fix up your makeup that slightly ran due to the crying you did earlier. You finish up in the bathroom and open up the bathroom door to see Liam standing there with a rose in his hand.

"Liam? What's this?" you ask him.

"I wanted to wish you a proper Valentines Day. One without the kids or the boys wanting to come over." he laughed.

He leads you down the stairs to your dining room where there are candles and a white tablecloth covering the table. He pulls out your chair and you sit down.

"Liam, you didn’t have to do this" you tell him.

"Yes I do. We have been fighting for the last couple of months and I feel like I have to make it up for you." he grabs two glasses and a bottle of champagne.

"babe. I love you" he says as he pours you a glass of champagne.

"I love you too" you say to him.

"I got you this." he pulls out a small blue gift bag and passes it to you.

"you didn’t have to get me anything." you say starting to open it.

Liam takes a seat next to you and watches you open the gift. Inside there is a purple velvet box. You grab it out and start to open it. It's a charm bracelet with his and the kids names on it, also a carrot for Louis , a small mirror for Zayn, a sandwich for of course Niall,  a camera for Eleanor, a microphone for Perrie, a ladybug for Niall's girlfriend Lily and a music note for Harry. You stop at the music note and whispered Harry's name. 

"do you like it? it reminds me of the old times." you hear Liam say.

"I love it, Liam" you start to cry.

You missed Harry. The boy you used to drive you crazy.

"good, here ill put it on for you."

You both stood up and he put it on your wrist. You then press your lips on his. Those sparks and electricity ran threw you body once again. They had gone away whilst you and Liam were fighting.

"I love you, so much (y/n)" he said resting his forehead o yours and wrapping his arms around you.

"I love you too, Liam James Payne"


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