1SHOT41D valentines day one shot contest entry

This is my contest entry for the 1SHOT41D valentines day contest


1. 1SHOT41D- Meaningless tattoos


It is valentines day and you are waiting for your boyfriend of three years, Harry to come home to the house you two shared. Once Harry walks in your face lights up and you run up to him to be greeted by one of his big embraces. Then you notice the bandage on his arm, and you realize that he just got a tattoo. You are very strict about Harry getting tattoos and once the thought runs through your head to push him off you and scream "Dammit Harry I thought we agreed no more tattoos! I’m sick of your pointless tattoos and I’m done with dealing with them and you!!" Then you start to walk up the stairs in disgust when Harry yells after you "No (Y/N) its not what it looks like!! Please I love you!!" You turn back and see the tears in his eyes but yell back "Harry I don’t care!! you promised me you wouldn’t get anymore tattoos and right on valentines day you get another one!! Hope that tattoo was worth it because you just lost my trust and me!!" Then turn away and run up to yours and Harry’s room and slam the door and jump on the bed and start crying your heart out. You loved him but you couldn’t put up with all these meaningless tattoos. He knocks on the door and whines "Please (Y/N)!!" You would have ignored him but something in his voice made you open the door. He was crying. You slowly cracked the door open and saw a teary face Harry. He was looking down at his at his arm and you noticed the tattoo was today’s date. It made you furious. You start to yell "See Harry. This is what I mean. I don’t want you to get these stupid, meaningless tattoos. What is happening today?! Are you going to get a date for every day that you live?! You need to....." He gets down on one knee and you shut up. He reached in his pocket and brings out a ring. "This is what is happening today." He smiles.   
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