Valentines Day

A girl name katie runs into one of the biggest star from One Direction. Who is the guys she ran into? Will she love him like he loves her?


1. I'm seeing things

Katie POV

I was running home from school from this bully name Tony D. I was to busy running i wasn't paying attion in front of me, I ran into someone. I fell to the ground. I looked up and saw a cute blond boy with blue eyes. He helped me up and asked..

Boy: Why in a rush?

Me: I don't have to explain, I have to go

Boy: Can you met me right here tonight at 5:00

Me: OK see u later

He was really cute. I ran home and into my room. I toke a quick shower and put on a pair of skinny jeans and a green that said LOVE. I had 5 min. I got my phone and shouted bye to my parents. I skipped where the boy told me to met him.

Niall POV

I was waiting for that girl i met. She looks really pretty with her dirty-blond hair and her blue eyes. 

Katie POV

I saw him and walked over to him 

Me: My name is Katie

Boy: My name is Nialll nice to met you

Me: So, where do you want to go

Niall: I was thinking getting ice cream

Me: OK then lets go to the park

Niall: Ok

We walked to the ice cream place I got Chocolate with rainbow sprinkles and Niall got the same. We walked to the park careful so we don't drop our ice cream. We sat on the swing and talked about ourselves.

Niall: I really like you and i was wondering do you want to go out with me

Me: I really like you too

We leaned in and kissed. He looked at me.

Niall: So does that mean YES 

I nodded at him with a smile. We walked back to my house I said goodnight so did Nialler. 


Katie POV

It was Valentines Day and Niall said he was taking me some where special. I was really excited. I  was wearing a pink dress that went up to my knee.Where is he taking me?

Niall POV

I told Katie to come downstairs. She was wearing a pink dress, she looked so cute. We walked out to my car. I was driving to the beach and have a pincinic. We got there i put a blind foled on Katie.

Katie POV

I got out of the car and Niall put a blind foled on me. We walked and walked. We stoped. He toke it off, I coun't breath, it was amazing. I pecked at his lips. We sat down and ate sandwiches and coke. We talked for a while. He got up and toke my hand.

Niall and Katie POV

We both kissed with the sunset behided us. As we kissed I though THIS IS THE BEST VALENTINES DAY EVER!!!  

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