Finding Love

Aja (AJ) Harvey wanted nothing more to be loved. After heartbreak with a friend, she sets off to find what's better in life.. But there are some troubles along the way. Will she find what she's looking for or will she just give up?


3. Midnight Strolls, Lies, and Movie Days

“Eleanor. What a surprise! What are you doing here?” I fakely smiled at the girl. I can’t stand her! Ugg! She sent a smirk back to me.
“Just came to stop by. Wanted to see if you wanted to go get a latte with me or something. We really need to talk. Honestly and seriously.” She explained to me. In return, I gave her a look. I just can’t under stand the girl. She rolled her eyes at me, annoyed. “Seriously AJ. No lie. Please?” I just can’t trust the girl, can I? I looked out beyond her. No car. She must have walked. 
“Fine.” I gave in. “Let me get my shoes on and stuff. You can come in and sit on the couch.” She gave me a weak smile, a real one. I shut the door and walked back to my room, grabbing my Nike sandals, and slipping them on. I put down my hair and put it into a side pony. I had to look somewhat decent. I popped a piece of mint gum into my mouth before grabbing some money and walking back out to the living room. Eleanor turned around and stood up. 
“We’re walking just to let you know. Just to the café a few blocks away, if that’s okay.” She headed for the door. All I did was nod and follow her out, locking the door with my key before shoving into my sweat pocket. 
“So is there something we really need to talk about?” I asked. 
“Look, I’m sorry. I was just so jealous how close you two were! I hated it, honestly. I wanted him to be mine. You guys text each other constantly! It was driving me crazy! And I also have to admit, I am slash was jealous of how beautiful you are, no lie. Look at you compared to me! You have the perfect skin tone, no tan lines at all, your hair is perfect always, and you have the most amazing clothes! And here’s me, who steals, cheats, a good-for-nothing girl.” She began to softly cry. I felt awkward. I wasn’t just going to comfort her like she was a friend. I wrapped my arm around her, trying to calm her down. After she had stopped crying, I started to talk.
“You’re seriously jealous of me? Are you crazy?” I asked. I've never seen a girl jealous of me… Ever. She nodded. “Wow.” We entered the café and ordered a latte. We sat down at a booth and began to chat. “So what’s the thing you need to talk about?”
“I can’t handle Louis anymore! Out of the four weeks we’ve been dating, he’s hugged me three times! And I sit and watch him hug all of the girls he’s friends with! And when I ask him why we don’t hug, he says it’s too awkward! Awkward my arse! AJ! I can’t deal with him!” She busted out like I was a therapist. “How could you stand being friends with him?”
“It’s called time, Eleanor. Give it to him. Maybe he wants to take things slow, unlike you.. No offence. But it’s Louis. Trust me, he’ll come around.” 
“That’s the thing! I can’t wait! It’s too hard to!” She looked as if she’d explode right on the spot. I rolled my eyes.
“Maybe you guys should call it off until he’s more secure about the relationship.” I told her.
“You just want him for yourself..” She growled. 
“Do not. He’s my best friend. I know him, Eleanor! And besides, I had a date tonight, thank you very much. I don’t want your boyfriend.” I spat.
“You had a date? With who?” She questioned. I looked down as a tear fell from my eye. I glanced back up at her.
“His name’s Harry. He.. He stood me up. I have no clue why. He didn’t even answer his mobile when I tried before I started watching the Avengers.” I explained. Her emotion showed sorrow. 
“Oh AJ, I’m sorry. I don’t get why he’d do that, though. Stupid guy.” She smiled, making me as well. We shared a little bit of laughter before just talking about stuff. Soon it was midnight and we headed back towards my house. When we reached the door, I turned around to face her.
“I’ll give you a ride home. You don’t know what kind of people are out there.” I said. 
“Thanks.” With that, I drove her home and came back, going right to sleep.


“It’s time to wake up!” I heard Zayn’s voice sing as he opened my door. I pulled the covers over my head. I didn’t want to get up, not even open my eyes. I felt the blanket move as he was trying to pull it off me. I kicked at him, hitting somewhere. “Oomph!” He got out before letting out a high screech. I quickly sat up and went to his side.
“Zayn! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” I worryingly asked. He just looked and me and began to laugh.
“I so got you!” He cried tears of laughter. I slapped his arm before getting up. I looked at my clock. 1:45pm. 
“Why on Earth would you wake me?” I growled. He smiled cheekily, poking me in the side. 
“Well you’re usually up by noon…”He began. 
“Sorry, I just had the worst night sleep ever! I had about one hour of sleep. Possibly two.” I growled. It’s true, after the latte, I couldn’t find sleep. It was lost somewhere else. “I wanted to sleep all day until tomorrow.”
“But today is Saturday!” He cheered. 
“You need to tell me about this date!” He sat down on my bed, patting a seat next to him, which I where I sat. 
“I didn’t go.” I told him. His smile faded and all he could do was stare.
“What?” He asked like he wasn’t listening the first time. “Did I hear you correctly?” I nodded.
“He never came.” I frowned. “I was looking so forward to it, too.” 
“Well that arse is about to be taught a lesson or two.” Zayn stood up from his spot, rolling up his sleeves. He looked down at me. “That’s my shirt.”
“Wow, you get distracted a lot, don’t you?” He shook his head. 
“I just like that shirt on you.” He smiled, making me blush a little.
“I am so very sorry, Zayn. But I have to cancel plans with you today. I really need rest.” I explained. He nodded, understanding me. /
“Get rest. I’ll see you tomorrow for movie day.” He sent me a grin before walking out of my room and out of the house. I grabbed my phone, turning it on, and slipped back into bed, putting my cell on my nightstand. As soon as I closed my eyes, my phone buzzed over and over. I picked it up and saw the texts and missed calls. They were all from Harry! Twelve missed calls and five texts. I read them all, saving the voicemails for later. They were all super long texts saying how sorry he was for not coming because his mother was in the hospital and still is. I sent him a text before going to sleep.


I woke up the next morning feeling better than ever, but super hungry. I haven’t eaten since Friday, which was popcorn. I walked to the kitchen and began to make eggs and toast. I made extra because I knew Zayn was coming over soon. He never passed up my eggs on Movie Day. He was always the first one here, too. I lightly turned on the radio, listening to the oldies music. I looked at the clock. 11:22am. There was suddenly a knock at the door. I opened it up and there stood Zayn with a bouquet of white roses and some ice cream. 
“For me?” I questioned while blushing. He nodded and handed them to me. He’s so cheesy. I pulled him into a hug. “Thanks.”
“Well since Harry was a jerk, I’m gonna treat you right. That’s why I also brought mint chocolate chip ice cream. Just for you.” He smiled. He wrapped him arm around my waist and pulled me closer as we walked to the kitchen. He let me go as I put the flowers in a vase and the ice cream in the freezer. I went to get plates and eggs, but Zayn beat me to it. He handed me a plate and we sat at the table silently. Then he spoke up. “I’m sorry.”
“For what?” I asked, confused. 
“How crappy these guys have been to you! It’s not fair! You, little miss sweetheart, are nice to everyone! And what do you get in return? A bunch of arses that hurt you! I just don’t get it!” He exclaimed. He sounded super angry about it, too. 
“Zayn, chill. It’s fine.” I tried to calm him. 
“No. It’s not, AJ! You shouldn’t be treated this way!” 
“It’s okay! Zayn! Seriously! I gave up on guys anyway. They are a bunch of bullshark and they drive me crazy. That’s why I have you and Dani. I don’t need Harry or Louis. None of them.” I assured him. He sighed but nodded in defeat. Something strange has been going on with him. We finished breakfast with dead silence until Mum walked through the front door. 
“Oh good. Aja, you’re up.” She smiled once she saw me. “I thought you would sleep your life away.” She laughed a little at herself. 
“Nope. She wouldn’t pass Movie Day.” Zayn grinned. I laughed as well as my mum. 
“Oh that’s right. You three have Movie Da- hey, where’s Danielle?” She stopped mid sentence to ask. 
“She’ll be here in a short while.” I replied. 
“Well I guess I’ll go. Aja, mind being a dear and putting these away for me?” She placed two sacks on the table. 
“What are you gonna do?” 
“Oh, go to the mall maybe. Get some shopping done. Or maybe to the spa. That sounds nice.” She smiled before exiting the house. I looked at Zayn. I just felt like I was going to burst. But I can’t. I’m stronger than this. We began to set up the movie, make popcorn, and anything else we felt was necessary. We were already in our movie time clothes and we sat and waited for Dani. Twenty minutes late as usual. The door bell rang and I rushed to answer it. Her facial expression told me there was bad news. 
“What’s up?” Zayn asked as I sat back on the couch and Dani stood before us. I knew he could tell something was wrong, too.
“Both of you might want to put duck tape over your mouths.” Was all she said. Strangely enough, we did it. We went back to my room and picked out a random colour. I chose red, Zayn chose blue. We took our seats back in the living room and stared at her. 
“So Friday night. The big night for little miss AJ. Who got all dolled up in the prettiest yellow dress and wonderfully done hair and makeup. Sorry for never replying, you’ll get why I didn’t want to tell you then. Harry never showed up. Not because his mum’s in the hospital! Oh no! She’s perfectly healthy! Hasn’t been the hospital since Harry was born! Harry, that filthy liar. Was out on a date with no other than Perrie. Perrie freaking Edwards. I’m sorry AJ.” The last bits of her little speech broke me. I had no more tears to cry. No more pain to show. I had no emotion. Carefully, I took off the tape and smiled, giving Danielle a hug. 
“Eh, oh well.” I said. The two looked at me like I’ve just murdered someone.
“But?” Dani confusingly tried to get out. I could hear the muffled sound of Zayn’s scream. 
“Guys. It’s our day! I’m fine! He can go date that whore anyways. His loss, duh.” I smirked. Zayn and I took our spots once again, snuggling into each other, while Dani sat on the recliner stuffing her face with popcorn. We put in Iron Man and pressed play. Then the feelings finally hit me. I’ll never be good for anyone. God, kill me now.

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