Finding Love

Aja (AJ) Harvey wanted nothing more to be loved. After heartbreak with a friend, she sets off to find what's better in life.. But there are some troubles along the way. Will she find what she's looking for or will she just give up?


2. Courage for a Date

It was just another day. It’s been about a month since I last talked, hell even seen Louis. Niall and his girl, um, Hannah, are still on strong. She’s beautiful so I couldn't see why he wouldn't love her. I hadn't seen Eleanor nor Perrie for two weeks. I was thrilled. What even made me happier is that we have 5 days off of school. Whoo! Today, I was going out with Zayn and Danielle to the mall. Zayn was suppose to pick me up around 2, and it’s noon now. I walked to my closet and looked. I gave up and that’s when I saw it. I pulled out my grey over the shoulder shirt. It was baggy and a little see through, so I put on a black tank top. I put it on and walked to my jean drawer. I pulled out my favorite pair. They were a light denim and unlike normal jeans, up the sides of them looked completely gone, except for six bows keeping them together. I put them on and smiled. I loved everything about them. I slipped on my black converse and laced them up. I just left my natural blonde, wavy hair stay. It was perfect as is. I went to the bathroom and put on my makeup, which it being a smoky eye. I brushed my teeth and smiled my perfect smile. I looked at the clock. 1:45pm. Almost time. I grabbed my purse from America, it being a black and white striped. I waited outside and just played around my yard. Soon, Zayn showed up in my driveway. I hopped into the passenger seat and gave him a smile.
“Hello, love.” He greeted. 
“Hi. I can’t wait to get to the mall. I haven’t been forever!” I exclaimed. He chuckled at me as he pulled out and drove away.
“You just want to see the candy guy.”
“Not true!” I blushed, even though it was true. I always denied it. I didn't even know the lad and I just fell for him. Like, more than Niall, little bit less than Louis though. He always flirted with me, Zayn even said so. 
“And you don’t find me sexy at all? There has to be something wrong with your brain!” He teased. I shrugged.
“You’re handsome, Zayn. But he’s just.. Wow.” I dazed. He shook his head as we arrived at Danielle’s. She scurried out and got into the car.
“Hey!” She grinned. 
“Hi.” Zayn and I harmonized together, laughing a tad. The rest of the way to the mall, we blabbed about the most random and awkward things. When we reached the mall, Dani and I cheered. We all walked in and went straight to one of my favorite stores. Jack Wills. 
“AJ!” My friend Scott, who also worked there, greeted me. I gave him a small hug. “Long time, no see.”
“Yeah. I've been busy.” I frowned. 
“Hey, by the way. Harry’s working today.” He smirked. I looked at him confusingly. 
“Harry?” I questioned. He rolled his eyes.
“The bloke who works at the candy store, smarts.” He chuckled. Harry! So that’s his name… Beautiful. I must have dazed off. “AJ.” Scott said. I shook my head. We finished at Jack Wills and traveled throughout the mall, avoiding the candy shop for last. 


After a good few hours, we had bags load of everything. We stopped in front of the candy store. I saw him.. Harry. I wonder if he’d remember me. We walked in and I grabbed my usual. A bag of gummi bears and a lollipop. I reached the register and placed them down. Harry smiled at me.
“You know, I haven’t seen you for a while.” He said. I was surprised he remembered. It shocked me. I looked down at my feet before looking back up. 
“Yeah, I've been busy with a bunch of stuff.” I replied. He chuckled a bit. 
“It was like a normal every weekend thing for you and this stuff. Then it just faded.” He told me. I turned around and looked at my friends. They both nodded their heads. I faced Harry once again and gave him a smile.
“So, I know we don’t really know each other much, but would you like to maybe hang out sometime?” I shyly asked. His smile grew wider. He didn't answer, though. “So I’m taking that as a yes?”
“Yeah, sure. Sounds fun. Here.” He rushed, grabbing a pen and my hand. He wrote down his number. “My number. Text me when possible.” I nodded and walked off with my stuff. As we got into the car, Zayn and Dani just smiled at me. 
“What?” I questioned.
“It sounded like he’s been waiting for this moment.” Zayn grinned. I slapped him.
“Don’t deny it, AJ. You know it’s true.” Dani laughed. I just sat there and blushed, pulling out my phone and putting Harry’s number into it. Oh! I completely forgot to tell him my name. I clicked ‘text’ and began to type. ‘Hey, it’s Aja, your norm girl. Pronounced Asia, but call me AJ;)’. Surprisingly, he replied right away. ‘Beautiful name. Can’t wait 2 get 2 know uJ’. I smiled and didn’t reply. This might be a good new beginning to my life. 


“Aja! Niall's here!” Mum called through the house. My bedroom door suddenly opened and in popped Niall. 
“Hey AJ.” He smiled, wrapping me in a tight hug. I, of course, hugged back. He let go and sat on my bed. “So what did you need?” He looked around my large room. My walls were black and white and it was themed Paris. “Nice room.”
“Thanks. And I wanted to ask you a few questions. And you have to be completely honest and not just your point of view.” I told him. He looked at my with confusion in his eyes but he shrugged.
“Hit me.” He said. 
“So tonight, I’m going on a date with a guy and I don’t honestly know what to do.” I shyly admitted. He chuckled.
“You've never been on a date?” I shook my head.
“Not a proper one.”
“Well, you want to keep it simple. Don’t put too much pressure on this guy. And if he puts pressure on you, do not go with it, no matter how much you like him, got it? And if does anything bad to you, I will kick his arse! And talk about anything. Don’t go off on yourself though. Make sure you give him room to talk.” He explained to me. I couldn't help but laugh at him. 
“Thanks Nialler.” I smiled. He nodded.
“Anytime. Now you got any food?” He asked me. I nodded. “Can you make something?” I nodded once again.
“Well it’s around noon. I’ll make you lunch. What do you want?” I said.
“Anything. Hannah never cooks me anything.” He told me. I raised a brow.
“Your own girlfriend has never cooked for you before? Boy, I am telling you. Once you eat mine you’ll never want her to cook.” I joked. It was sort of true though. I was an amazing cook. I loved to cook. I couldn't get enough of it. We walked out into the kitchen and I started to make my homemade mac and cheese. After I finished cooking, I set down a bowl for my hungry mate. He picked up his spoon and took a giant bite. 
“Oh my God! This is so amazing!” He exclaimed. By the time I was finished with my first bowl, Niall ate the rest of the noodles. He went up for a fourth bowl and looked at me with sorrow. “Uh, you’re not hungry still, are you?” I shook my head. “Good. Cos I kind of ate it all.”
“Eh, whatever. It’s nice to know you liked it though.” I gave him a grin before we cleaned up. He was over for another 3 hours before I noticed it was almost four o’clock. “Hey, I’m sorry to kick you out, but I need to start getting ready for tonight.”
“What time is the date?” He asked.
“Seven.” I replied. He laughed and rolled his eyes. 
“Girls and their time getting ready. Have fun, love you!” He gave me a hug before heading out the front door. 
“Love you too!” I called back. I walked back to my room and yanked open my closet doors. Harry said to dress fancy. I couldn't find anything to wear. After an hour, I finally got down to three dresses. One of them was skin tight, strapless, and was an ocean colour. The second on was a light pink with a poof. The last one was skin tight and was yellow with some frills. I couldn't choose. “Mum!” I yelled through the house. She walked into my room with an expression I couldn't read.
“Yes Aja?” She questioned. I pointed to the dresses.
“I can’t figure out which one to wear.” I whined. She shook her head and walked over to where I was standing, glancing at each dress. Then she pointed to the yellow one. 
“Wear this one with your white heels and white vest. You could also put your hair into a side pony, curl it, and put a daisy into it. Or do a side braid with the daisy. And for your makeup. Do your smokey eye look.” She smiled. She stepped out before I could even reply, so I went with it. When I was finished, I scurried out to the living room and smoothened my dress. The dress made my tanned skin look wonderful and my hair was in a braid, extra bonus for tomorrow. I tapped Mum’s shoulder and she turned around gasping. “You look beautiful!” She complimented me. I smiled and turned for her.
“Thanks.” I replied. It was a little before seven. I was so exited. I couldn't wait for the date. It seemed like forever had passed. I looked back at the clock. Exactly seven. I waited longer. Five minutes passed. Then ten. Then twenty. Next thing I knew it was eight o’clock. He wasn't going to come. Mum was out for the evening with her friends like her normal Friday night. I couldn't believe I was stood up. I rushed back to my room and threw on my dark grey sweats, a red shirt I had stolen from Zayn, took down my hair, putting it into a messy bun, and taking off my makeup. I quietly walked back to the living room, where I flipped on the TV, putting in The Avengers, making popcorn, sitting down, and clicking play. I was halfway through the movie, obsessing over Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans when there was a knock at the door. I opened it and there stood Eleanor with a wide grin.

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