Finding Love

Aja (AJ) Harvey wanted nothing more to be loved. After heartbreak with a friend, she sets off to find what's better in life.. But there are some troubles along the way. Will she find what she's looking for or will she just give up?


1. Broken and Bullied

I was caught around the waist by a known figure. I slapped their hands and turned around, giving him a small slap on the shoulder.
“Dude!” I laughed. It was a daily thing, not that we were together or anything. 
“What?” He laughed with me, patting my cheek lightly before tracing his forefinger over my little nose. I scrunched it up as I forcefully shut my eyes. 
“You’re a noob, Niall. You know that, don’t you?” I giggled as he kept that finger pressed to my nose. For as much happiness I was showing, I honestly wasn’t feeling the same inside. I was hurt. I had just lost my best friend, Louis, who I also had a massive crush on, to some slut. She was completely wrong for him. She took things fast, she stole from stores, she caused drama. She was one of the most hated girls in school. I couldn’t stand it. And she called him FAT! Right in front of his face. She always said super harsh things to Louis and it wasn’t right. I must’ve been spacing out because Niall was snapping his fingers in my face. I shook my head and looked at him, his blue eyes sparkling. 
“You alright?” He asked. I nodded. Of course I couldn’t tell Niall. He wasn’t a friend to come to in these situations. And I honestly couldn’t trust anyone. It was a total drama zone in my school and I hated it. I just wanted to move away. Far away. “Are you sure? You don’t seem like it.”
“I’m all good, Nialler.” I lied. I really hated to. He then smiled and grabbed my hands, dancing with me to the silent ’music’ that apparently played during English. 
“ Niall, Aja. Take a seat please.” Our teacher demanded. We did as told and sat next to each other, secretly passing notes throughout the whole class period. When the bell rang, I got up to go before the teacher stopped me. “Aja, would you please take a seat and stay a while. I need to speak with you.” She told me. I nodded and took my seat once again.
“Later AJ.” Niall waved before walking out. I sighed.
“Am I in trouble?” I asked. I really didn’t feel like missing out on Algebra. I get enough homework in that class already, I don’t want to lug that huge book in the heat. The teacher just looked at me with sorrow, worry, and confusion. Great.
“Aja.. What has gotten up with you? You were doing so well, then the past two weeks have brought down your grades.” She began. I rolled my eyes. “I just want to help.”
“How can a teacher help with my problems? It’s not like I’m meaning to!” I snapped at her, not wanting to be there. She sighed and sat down at the desk in front of mine. 
“Please just listen. If you want, you can tell me. I’ll listen and give the best advice I can give. I don’t want you to fail this class over something stupid.” She told me. 
“Who said losing a best friend is stupid?” I yelled at her. I looked down at my feet, feeling guilty. This isn’t me. 
“Please, go on.”
“Okay, so homecoming…” I began to tell her. She nodded. “I went with my best friend, Louis. I’ve had this massive crush on him since I was in 6th grade. I thought the night was going to be special. But it wasn’t. He spent the whole night talking to this one chick and texting others! He said one word to me.. Which was ‘hi’. Now after many years of telling me how much he cares for me and such, he goes and asks out the girl who he was hanging with all throughout homecoming. And we haven’t spoke since.” I explained. Tears flowed from my eyes like a waterfall and they just wouldn’t stop. 
“Oh Aja… I know how hard that must be… Boys can be real jerks, but hey, he taught you a valuable lesson, you know.” She calmly said. I looked up at her with watery eyes, confused. She laughed a little. “He did. He taught you never to fall for a man who can’t prove his love to you. Everyone suffers from a broken heart at least once in their lifetime. It’s never fun. And I can tell it’s worse than most, considering he was your friend. But that doesn’t mean to give up. Wait a while till you try to start another relationship. And it may sound silly, but waiting until college won’t be such a bad idea. You’ll be more mature and so will all of the young men.” She told me. I nodded and stood up. 
“Thank you.” She stood up as well and I just couldn’t help it, but I gave her a hug. “Thank you so much.” She laughed a small bit. 
“Anytime, Aja. Now let me write you a pass. And I’ll give you a little time, so you can go clear up.”


“Common AJ! Talk to me.” Danielle begged. She wanted to know every single detail on why I was being such a downer. I couldn’t trust her, even though she is my best friend. She was friends with Louis’ girlfriend, Eleanor, and I couldn’t risk anything. She also had a small crush on Niall, same as me. Eleanor was making my life a living hell and I couldn’t take it anymore. 
“No! As long as you are keeping in contact with Eleanor, never in a million years. I’m sorry, Dani.” I told her. She pouted and crossed her arms like a five year old. “That’s not helping.”
“Well sorry, but it hurts not to trust me.” She almost started crying. God! I can’t make anyone happy can I? I didn’t say anything back to her. She was now angry with me and I was angry she kept telling Eleanor everything I said. I walked her to the front door of her house.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Was all she said before walking inside and slamming the door. I slowly made it home. The summer heat was horrible! Plus I was in sweats. I finally made it home, threw all of my school stuff on the futon and walked back to my room. I lay on my bed, scrolling through my contacts. I finally found the one I was looking for. Tommo. I pressed call and hoped he didn’t have football practice after school. Luckily, he answered.
“Hello?” He answered. I almost busted into tears.
“Lou..” Was all I got out. 
“Yes, Aja?” Oh God, I did something to tick him off. Instead of AJ, he called he Aja! Well we’re about to get even.
“So you lied to me, Lou. You said you would always love me no matter what, remember?” I smirked into the phone. He didn’t reply to it. “I can’t believe it! After these years of saying how you’d never love another, you now have a girl that’s not me. Isn’t that funny? Look, I want to know everything. Did you mean to mess with me? To mess with my feelings?” He still didn’t answer. “Well, apparently you’re too much of a jerk to reply. Also, your girlfriend, as you call her. She calls you fat! Ugly, every last thing. So I hope you enjoy that.” I hung up my phone. I felt amazing after that. I looked through my contacts once again and found Eleanor’s number. ‘Do Not Answer’ was her name. I pressed call. She answered scoffing. 
“Do you need something other than your best friend?” She bitterly asked. I laughed.
“Ah, no. You can keep him. Just seriously stop trying to make my life hell. It’s not going to work, love.” I spat. She cackled. 
“It’s fun to do.”
“It’s a waste of your time then.”
“Never. I’ll keep doing it till the end of time!” I could feel her smiling devilishly.
“When will you wake up and realize that I don’t care?” I asked.
“The day you realize I’ll always be better than you. Prettier than you. And you know it now, but you refuse to believe it. Listen Aja.. No one likes you…” She began.
“Hold on a sec.” I sighed. Stay strong AJ.
“No one likes you. You’re fat and ugly. No guy will ever love you. I’ll always be prettier.. Always. You’re stupid with no feelings and don’t deserve a man like Louis, got that? He hates you and only pretended to like you for fun. He told me he loves to hurt you because you’re so easy to! So Aja, do everyone in the world a favor and either go to hell or kill yourself. You don’t deserve to live at all because when you walk, you leave indents in the ground and make the world shake. You’re mum and dad must be so disappointed for having a damn ugly troll as a daughter… Or.. If you’re even a girl.. And what kind of name is Aja? Isn’t that a country? Actually.. I can relate to why they named you that.. Cos you’re big and fat just like Asia.” I tried to keep tears from falling. I sucked in all in before answering. 
“Is that all?” I asked. 
“One more thing.. You are a faggot.” She growled.
“Thank you. And by the way, I don’t have a dad.” I hung up and busted into tears. The doorbell suddenly rang. I got up and walked out of my room, opening the front door. It was Zayn.
“Oh woah, what happened to you?” He asked. I shook my head, slamming the door in his face, locking it. I slid down and sobbed for what seemed like hours. I just wanted to die. To go away. Forever. And never come back.

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