Finding Love

Aja (AJ) Harvey wanted nothing more to be loved. After heartbreak with a friend, she sets off to find what's better in life.. But there are some troubles along the way. Will she find what she's looking for or will she just give up?


4. Break-ups, Letters, and Forgiveness

“Aja, aren’t you going to eat breakfast?” Mum asked. I shook my head. I wasn’t hungry. I will never be hungry ever again. 
“No. I’m going over to Zayn’s pretty soon, so I might just eat lunch there later or something.” I lied. She chewed the inside of her cheek before sighing.
“Alright dear.” She ate till her plate was clean and washed up. I got up from the table and walked into my room. I headed for my bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I turned on the flat iron and waited for it to get hot. A few moments later, I was done straightening. I smiled and brushed my teeth, then just putting on eyeliner and mascara. I didn’t feel the need to get all dolled up. I scurried to my closet and pulled out my Nyan Cat tee. I threw on some yoga pants and a pair of sandals. Grabbing my phone, my keys, and some money, I walked out of my room and to the front door. 
“I’m going now, Mum!” I called through the house before exiting. I unlocked my bug and hopped in, pulling out of the driveway, and drove off. I reached Zayn’s house in about ten minutes tops and got out of my car, walking a fast pace to the front door. I knocked. Waited. I knocked again. The door finally opened and there was Zayn. 
“Hey, sorry. Didn’t hear the first time.” He smiled, pulling me in by the wrist. “You want some lunch?” What is with people and eating so much!
“No thanks.” I replied. He looked at me with a strange expression, then shrugged. “What do yo-” I was cut off by my phone. Harry. “Hello?”
“Oh thank God you answered!” He sounded relieved. I rolled my eyes.
“What do you want?” I bitterly scowled. 
“I know you’re probably still angry with me AJ, but I’m sorry! Mum had a small heart attack.” I could tell he was lyi. Hell, I knew he was lying. 
“Well so did I!” I growled.
“You seem down. What’s wrong?”
“You’re wrong! Pretending you mum’s in the hospital! I know you were out with Perrie Friday night.” I exclaimed.
“You know Per- My mum is to in the hospital!” He growled. Nice one, dummy.
“Funny. I called the hospital yesterday and asked which room Mrs. Styles was in. They said she hasn’t been there since your birth.” I lied into the phone, even though he couldn’t see it. It felt nice knowing I was right, but hurt that he’s lying. He sighed. “Harry. I just can’t believe you would do that. Plus lie to me. So I’m going to tell you this once and only once. Please don’t call me, text me, contact me, anything. Thanks.” I hung up. Zayn awed and wrapped me in a giant bear hug. 
“I’m so proud of you.” He said into my hair. I silently cried on his shoulder. 


It’s been a week since I told Harry off. It was now Monday and I was walking in the halls. 
“AJ! Wait up!” I heard a familiar voice from behind. I turned around, which was almost impossible from how many people were in the halls, and saw Louis. He finally caught up with me and we started walking. “Eleanor broke up with me.”
“Doesn’t surprise me.” I said. He looked at me with confusion. I glanced at him as I shrugged. “It’s true. You guys are two totally different people.”
“But haven’t you heard of ‘opposites attract’?” He questioned. I nodded.
“Of course, who hasn’t? But that’s not always true. Danielle and I love almost the same things, same with Zayn, and we’re all best friends. Plus, that’s not the ‘opposite’ I’m talking about. She wants to take things super fast, unlike you. That’s a total call of a break up.” I explained. 
“So you’re saying you saw this coming?” He asked. 
“Duh. Now, why are you talking to me about this?”
“Because I’m sorry I ditched you.” He admitted. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at him like he was mental.
“Oh, so you think because Eleanor dumped your sorry arse, we magically become friends again? Louis, that’s not how this stuff works. You’re never getting my friendship back. Ever.” For as strong as I said it, I couldn’t believe I had.
“So you wouldn’t like it if I said that I love you?” That sentence made me choke a bit on my water. 
“Well that’s just too bad, Lou. You had your chance when I liked you. This isn’t, well, wasn’t easy for me to comprehend. I lost you! You! My best friend to some stupid slut!” I growled. “And you’re just going to have to learn to do the same about us.”
“Look, I’m sorry! It’s just.. You only see that one person when you’re in love!” He exclaims. I rolled my eyes.
“You were dating for like a month and a half or something like that. You can’t just ‘fall in love’ in a month.”
“Well how would you know? You’ve never been in an exact real relationship.” He said. 
“True, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fall in love. I fell in love with a guy once.. It took me three years, but I did. And falling in love after a month is not something you want. Even though it may seem that way.” I told him before scattering to my class. I walked in and saw Niall. He looked strangely at me and turned away. Weird. I set my stuff down at the desk I shared with him and taped his shoulder. He turned to look at me, no expression on his face.
“Well hello to you too.” I smiled. He didn’t in return. I crossed my arms and gave him a look. “Now what is up with you?”
“Nothing.” The bell rang and we sat down. Halfway through the class, Niall whispered, “I’m freezing.”
“Take my jacket. I’m not cold at all.” I said, beginning to take it off.
“No, I’m okay.” I looked at him with suspicion. 
“You always take my jacket?” It was more of a question, but I didn’t care. He shrugged.
“Well I’ll feel bad because I have a girlfriend. So I’m good.” He sent me an awkward smile before turning his attention back on the teacher. Weird.


“Aja, you have a letter.” Mum called to me through the house. I got up from studying and rushed to her. 
“Who is it from?” I asked. She handed it to me without explanation. I looked down. Paul Harvey. Oh God my father! 

‘Hello my dear Aja, 
So sorry the last time I’ve written was ages ago, but I do miss you. In fact, though this is sudden, I want you to come to California for the few weeks your on break. It’s totally up to you but I would like to see my daughter. Your mother should be fine with it.

I read it over and over again. I couldn’t believe it. I’m shocked. I just couldn’t stop staring. My attention was soon at my bedroom door. Mum stood there.
“What did he say?” She curiously asked. 
“He wants me to come to America when I’m on my break, which is two months away.” I explained. “I really want to.”
“I think that would be nice if you got to see him again.” She smiled. I nodded. “You should write back or email him, somehow to reply.” She walked out and I pulled out a piece of paper and pen. I finished and scurried to give it to Mum. She took it from me and I dashed for my room, picking up my cell, and dialling Zayn.
“Hello?” He answered.
“I’m going to see my dad!” I squealed. He chuckled.
“That’s amazing. When?” He asked.
“During break in December. I seriously can’t wait! I miss him so much.”
“I bet. Well, hey, sorry to cut you off, but I need to help Josie tonight. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Sorrow fills his voice.
“Bye.” I hang up and dial Dani, telling her the same exact things. An hour later, we're interrupted by the door bell. We say goodbye and I scurry for the door. I open it and stare. There's Harry, looking cute as always, with chocolate, flowers, and a small stuffed bear. 
“I’m sorry.” Was all he said. I shook my head.
“It’s very sweet of you but no. You lost your chance. You can just go now.” I proudly told him. 
“Look, I truly am sorry. I lied about my mum, but I wasn’t out on a date with Perrie.” He said. 
“Oh, so why did Dani see you with her?” I bitterly asked.
“She’s my cousin.” He replied. I stared at him. I felt like the biggest arse on the planet and I just wanted to fall off right now. “No lies, no jokes. She is literally my cousin.” 
“Oh God. I’m so sorry. I should’ve let you tell me the first time. I’m so stupid. I am the biggest jerk on the earth. I’m so sorry. I’m the worst person ever.” I felt like a big fat jerk. He smiled and placed the things on the ground, wrapping me in a hug. “I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be. I’m sorry I lied.” He muffled into my hair. He let me go and smiled. “Friday night at seven. This time, I’ll be there.” I nodded.
“Sounds lovely.” I responded. He picked up the stuff and handed them to me. I placed a small peck on his cheek before he left. I walked back in, setting the flowers in a vase, the chocolate on the table, and the bear on my bed. Maybe life isn’t so bad after all.

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