Goodnight, Beautiful

Ruby Constallavos is a teenage girl, studying in University. When Valentine's Day comes closer, her bestfriend, Gabby, decides to set her up on a dating site.

When a male named 'Richard Baker' appears, Ruby is hesitant towards the date. Yet, when she turns up at his door on Valentine's Day, he isn't who she thought he was....

He was only a green-eyed, curly haired, dimpled world wide popstar from the band One Direction; yes, it was Harry Styles.


1. Date With Harry Styles


“I’m so jealous that you finally found a date, Gab!” I groaned to my bestfriend, Gabby, as I laid on my bed. It was the day before Valentine’s day and well, it was the most loneliest time of year for myself. I hadn’t had a date in 2 years! Yep, you heard that right, two bleeding years.

“Just go on one of those blind dating sites, you might find someone hot!”

“Yeah, whatever, like anyone will message me!” I chuckled sarcastically as I turned on my stomach to flick through Bliss Magazine. This month it featured One Direction cuddling their girlfriends, except Harry and Niall, who were just cuddling each other, as part of Valentine’s day. Yay, for Narry.

“Look, come here and I’ll set you up an account, it’ll be fun!” she smirked as she waved me over with her hand. After a great amount of hesitation and eye rolling, I stood up and walked over to her desk, scattered with papers from our lectures.

“Why are you stalking my photos on Facebook, Gab?” I sighed, becoming pretty aggravated with her interference. I understand she wants a date for myself, but I am quite capable of finding a relationship… With a pot of Nutella and The Notebook.

“This one’s pretty! I’ll use this one in your photo. You’ll have boys drooling over you!”

“It’s only because I’m in a bikini!”

“And what a lovely bikini it is” she winked as she clicked the ‘create profile’ button. After many clicks of a button and what felt like the longest stand up EVER, she shouted ‘done’ and tahdah! One dating profile set up. Yay, hear the sarcasm?

“Eurgh, I’m gonna go to bed!” I moaned as I walked to my bed and got inside the covers, switching off the lamp and sighing once more before closing my eyes, drifting into dreamland.


“Wake up! Wake up! RUBY get your bony little backside up now, before I throw water on you” Gabby screamed in my ear. I groaned and hid my head under a pillow. Bad idea? Yep, you guessed it. I felt something freezing on my skin, as my eyes burst open and I jumped up, screeching from coldness.

“Are you mad?!” I screamed, shivering and chattering my teeth.

“I did warn you!”

“What is your problem? It’s only-“ I looked down at the alarm clock beside my bed, widening my eyes at the time “5:30AM!”

“You’ve got 6 requests for a date on Valentine’s day! Come look!”

“Eurgh. Whatever, they’re probably all mingers anyway.” I chuckled, still shivering as I followed her over to her stupid laptop that would not stop dinging.

“Look at him, he’s hot. And 18!”

“What’s his name?”

“Richard Baker. You should invite him over. I wouldn’t mind a bit of him!” Gabby winked and I gasped, pushing her shoulder lightly

“You have a boyfriend!”

“Shh, it’s called window shopping, my friend” she winked and she continued scrolling through the increasing number of men applying for a date with me.

“I like Richard. Invite Richard. He looks cute” I smirked as Gabby just silently nodded, biting her lip in concentration as she clicked a few more buttons on the piece of confusing technology. It made a noise and she giggled.

“Done. February 14th. You have to go to his place”

“What if he’s a rapist?!”

“He won’t be. He’s alright. Look at him. Look at his cute messages to you…”

I rolled my eyes as I bent over, wincing at the coldness on my stomach as I looked at the messages from this ‘Richard’.

RichardBaker103: Hey Sweetcheeks, you’re truly something beautiful. How about a candlelit dinner, the two of us at my place? Tonight? 7? Movie Meal sound good? –R xx

“Okay, whatever. I haven’t got anything to wear” that was a lie, maybe. But then again, hopefully Gabs falls for it and I have an excuse to go shopping!

“Rube’s, you’ve got a whole two walk in wardrobes filled with bloody clothes! I think you have something to wear”

“Whatever” I sighed, walking over to my wardrobe as I picked out some clean, dry pyjamas, putting them on and went to Gabby’s bed, collapsing into it.


“Ruby! It’s 5 o’clock! Get up for the last time or you’ll get water, again” Gabby shouted hitting me with a pillow. I groaned, turned over and realised it was only two hours till my ‘date’ – oh god. How do I sleep for so long?

I got out of bed, pushing past Gabby, as I ran into one of the wardrobes looking through my jeans and t-shirts. I couldn’t really bust out the skinny jeans and One Direction tour t-shirt could I? Ha.

“I like this!” Gabby shouted, running into the wardrobe holding my blue and white striped skater dress… I only bought it because Louis Tomlinson likes stripes and well… you know they may of noticed me at a concert or something.

“Me too. I’ll just wear that and cute pumps” I cheered, grabbing the dress and running to the bathroom for a shower and to feminize myself.


After a nice, long, hot shower, and a refreshing brush of the teeth, I put on some very natural make up. I don’t usually wear make-up but er- bish bosh might as well make an effort, ey? I dried and straightened my mahogany red hair.

“Ready” I called to Gabby, as I walked out of the bathroom. Her eyes widened as she dropped the magazine on her face and winced in pain, before standing up taking in my appearance.

“You look amazing, you should wear make-up… Not that you don’t naturally look stunning, but wow!”

“Thanks, Gab. What’s the time?”

“6:45. Better drive you to this address, hmm?”

“What about Bobby?”

“He’s coming about 7:30ish! We’re gonna show our love for each other, if you get me” she winked. I cringed and turned my nose up at her, shaking my head.



After a car ride of singing Ed Sheeran, Hot Chelle Rae and One Direction, we were finally at Richard’s house. I said a quick ‘thank you’ to Gabby as I stepped out of the car and walked up the driveway wear I stood and rang the bell. I braced myself to see a very nice looking spiky haired, blue eyed boy…

“Hey, you look beautiful” a husky, familiar voice said from behind me. I looked up from my feet and my heart stopped in a beat. Literally, it stopped. My head started spinning and before I could do anything, my world came crashing down- or maybe that was just my body as I fainted?


“Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!” the curly haired, green eyed boy sang as my eyelids fluttered open.

“You’re Ha-Harry S-Styles” I stuttered, gaining consciousness.

“Yeah, ha” he scratched the back of his neck nervously. Oh my gosh. Can I just cry now?

“I er- I like your music”

“Oh thanks, and the band?” he asked, licking his lip

“I lo- like the band also” I smiled calmly. How am I being so calm right now?

“Good. I hope I’m your favourite member” he winked as he stood up. I smirked as I stood up, following him to the kitchen.

“Actually Louis is”

He froze in the spot, and turned around glaring at me. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, his face just became a puzzle.

“I’m kidding, of course you are, who doesn’t love the curly haired, dimpled Hazza!” I chuckled, pinching his cheek, where he just blushed.

“I made us pasta and meatballs”

“I’m a vegetarian” I lied, keeping a straight face. His face dropped again and I burst out laughing again. He just chuckled, shaking his head.

“I like you” he laughed as he fished the pasta off of the hob.

“Thanks, I like you too” I smirked at him as he dished our dinner up and signalled for me to follow him into the patio… There was a table filled with wine glasses and candles as well as rose petals scattered.

He placed the dinner down on the table and smiled at me, as he took out a red rose from the vase and handed it to me.

“Thank you, it’s beautiful”

“Yeah it is” he blushed looking at me, directly in the eyes. I’m melting right now, k?


“That was delicious, Harold” I smiled sweetly as I helped him clear the plates into the kitchen, putting them neatly in the bowl. He grabbed my hand, spinning me round.

“You don’t have to do that, Ruby.” He whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

“Okay… How about we go watch Love Actually? I know it’s your favourite film” I winked and he smirked at me

“See you’ve done your research”

“I’m a dedicated Directioner, actually”

“I was thinking more along the lines of The Possession?” he smirked

“Why not Love Actually?”

“Aww, are you scared?” he mocked stepping closer to me

“Pfft, no” I lied, as he smirked and grabbed my hand, pulling me through to his sofa area. I sat down, as he put the DVD in the player.

Not gonna lie, it’s probably one of the scariest films I’ve seen. I’m a wimp anyway, I get scared of the Flying Dutchman in Spongebob Bleeding Squarepants, let alone a film about some messed up little girl with a box which is possessed by whatever that thing is!

“Are you scared now?” Harry’s voice appeared next to me as he sat beside me, smirking. I just gave him a nod and he cuddled me into his side.

At some parts of the film, I buried my head into the crook of his neck. I swear, I thought him start to sweat but maybe I’m just overthinking things.


“I’m glad that’s over” I breathed

From: Gabster
Bobby broke up with me:’( how’s your date?

“I er- have to go, Harry, I’m sorry”

“Aww, do you want me to walk you home?”

“No it’s fine, it’s only down the road. The university”

“Oh so you study there?” he asked, grinning. I just nodded and looked down “Come on I’ll walk you”


 “I’d like to take you out sometime, Ruby. I actually really like you”

“I like you too” I blushed as I looked down. He just chuckled lightly beside me, as his hand took mine, lacing his fingers through my own. Please don’t squeal or fangirl right now, I thought. I didn’t.

“Maybe we could go out tomorrow or something? You could meet the boys and bring your friend too?”

“Yeah, sure”

“Great. I’ll er- come pick you guys up at… 7, again?” he asked, and I just nodded.

The university was nearing but I was really wishing it wasn’t. Just the warmness of his hand inside mine filled butterflies in my stomach. I liked it, a lot.

“Well here’s my stop. My bestfriend’s probably watching right now” I smirked as I stopped walking and he spun me to face him.

“I’ve had a good night, Rube”

“Me too, Harry” I smiled sweetly, as he stepped closer to me, so that he could wrap his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck, involuntarily. He smirked down at me.

“I like you, a lot”

“Me too”

“If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go…” he sung as he winked. I just blushed like crazy.

“I’m glad I found you, Ruby” he spoke, and I nodded.

“Me too, Harry”

“Is that all you say? You’re not really proving anything to me, are you?”

“Shh it, I fainted for you, for Heaven’s sake” I squealed and he laughed, aloud.

“Can I have your number?”

“You already have it… You texted me earlier?”

“Oh right, yeah… That’s awkward for me, ey? You get me really nervous” he blushed looking into my eyes. I smiled at him, just gazing at him.

“I have to go”

With an instant, his lips were on mine, starting to move. I smiled as I moved my lips back. He traced my bottom lip with his tongue as I opened it slightly, allowing him to fight mine with his. He groaned into the kiss, and I pulled him closer.

“Goodnight, Harry” I smiled as I pulled away

“See you tomorrow” he said as he gave me a wave. I opened the door to our apartment as I gave him one last wave and stepped inside.

I pressed my back against the door, as I closed my eyes and squealed.

“Harry frickin’ Styles was Richard Baker?!”


“Oh my god.”

“We have a date tomorrow… And you’re coming with, okay?”

“Sure!” She screamed as she hugged me

From: Richard Baker
Goodnight, Beautiful x


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