Love At First Sight

Cher is a girl who gets abused by her father But what will happen when she runs away and bumps into Harry Styles Read to find out what happens ..:)


1. Time To Get Away

Cher's Pov

Hello there my name is Cher I have Green eyes with a dash of blue. I have long curly brown hair I get bullied each day at school and my father abuses me. As if you’re wondering about my mother she did when I was 6, she died by having cancer. I still wished I had a longer time with her she was like a best friend for me . . . . "Cher come down here!" oh here when it all begins. "Coming" I responded as fast as I could. Right as I went downstairs I fell on the ground feeling pain on my cheek. Tears streaming down my cheeks "What did I do!?!" I asked with confusion in my eyes "Because you don't deserve to be in this world you’re full of crap!" That’s when it hit me he never said anything like that to me "Stop your crying and go to your room you disgust me " I just got up and ran to my room I knew I couldn't stay here any longer that's when I decided to run away . I got my backpack and packed a lot of clothes to survive with. I was planning on how to sneak out the only way is the front door I had my backpack on my back and was going downstairs I found him in the kitchen but he didn't see me I was making my way to the door getting there as fast as I can . My father caught and was yelling after me " Cher get back here " I still didn't turn around I was still running as fast as I can until my father stopped running for me . When I turned around to look in front of me I bumped into someone. I stared deeply in his eyes they were so gorgeous.
Harry’s pov
I was walking down the streets of London when suddenly I bumped into this girl with the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen "I'm sorry" "it's ok no worries " she said. Something didn’t seem right.
" by the way I'm Harry" "I'm Cher "she said in very quiet voice ...I have to go now ..."wait would you like to hang out sometime”!?! “Umm sure"   We were to meet at Nandos Saturday morning. The day finally arrived and I was outside at Nandos waiting ......10min later she arrived "hey Cher " "hi " she said we went inside and the whole time we were there she was quiet with her head down "are you ok" I said " yeah I'm fine just a bit tired " I got her by the chin and lifted her head up there I say a big bruise close to her eye " who did this to you "    "umm ....ermm..I slipped while getting out the shower” I was staring at her for a while all I was looking was a sad expression she also had scared face on like something terrible is going to happen “Umm are you ok “ “Umm Yeah” I noticed I was staring at her for too long now ,but it’s just she’s so beautiful. “So tell me about yourself” I gave her one of my smirks “Umm well I’m just a normal teenage girl you know normal life nothing much and what about you” she seriously doesn’t know who I am “ Well I’m in a band called One Direction I love being around with my lads” “Oh you’re in a band that’s so cool maybe later you can sing me one of your songs” She blasted me with one of those gorgeous smirks I send her back one ”Maybe I can” hours and hours past we were just chatting about ourselves and how I’m in a band and about random things I know this girl is the one .

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