Which Direction?

When Alexis goes to a One Direction concert, she meets one of the boys going to the bathroom.. He immediatley has feelings for her. Alexis gets a special treat from the boys. Read more to find out what happens. P.S. - i suck and descriptionss :D


19. Positive.

Hailey's POV-
I wake up in the bus. How did I get here? I look across the room and see Hazza smiling at me. I get up and ask him, what did you do?? Laughing.. He looks at me, they said you could go home, so I carried you home.. Awwwhh Hazza I say.. He gets up and starts to cook some bacon.. The smell is soo good.

Alexis's POV-
I wake up and run to the bathroom. I throw up and I feel terrible. I look in the medicine cabinet and see a pregnancy test..Hmmm.. I take out the pregnancy test , I pee on it then I wait for the results ... My jaw drops . Its ..Its... Positive.. I run out to Niall... NIALL WAKE UP!! He jumps out of his bunk and falls on the floor. OOWWWWIEEEE!! Oops. NIALL IM POSITIVE

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