Which Direction?

When Alexis goes to a One Direction concert, she meets one of the boys going to the bathroom.. He immediatley has feelings for her. Alexis gets a special treat from the boys. Read more to find out what happens. P.S. - i suck and descriptionss :D


15. Police

Hailey's Parents POV-
I waited and waited for my baby girl to come home.. Why is it taking so long. I try calling her cell and Alexis's cell. Still no answer. I dial 911. I tell the police and they go looking all around America. A few days later I get a call from the police station. I pick up , hello hello did you find her?! The police say, " Ma'm we found her, shes in the hospital. She seems to have slit her wrist, what was the last thing she did before you saw her? I start crying and reply with a , well she got picked up by Alexis to go to a One Direction. Well Ma'm, she seems to have quite a tight relationship with "Harry Styles" a member from One Direction. He says. Oh my gosh, is she okay? I dont have a car to visit her, I hope I will ever see her again. The police officer finally hangs up and I tell my husband..

Alexis's POV-
Oh my.. I cry. I hope she will be okay. I cry into Niall's chest. He wraps his arms around me. He kisses my head and wipes my tears. The heart monitor stops and I scream for a nurse! The nurse comes in and pulls her away where we cant go. I cry with Niall.....

MESSAGE: I know its short, didnt have time .. keep checking for updates!

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