Which Direction?

When Alexis goes to a One Direction concert, she meets one of the boys going to the bathroom.. He immediatley has feelings for her. Alexis gets a special treat from the boys. Read more to find out what happens. P.S. - i suck and descriptionss :D


46. Im Home..

Alexis's POV-
Me and Hailey walk in with the baby carriers. I gentley lift Todd out.. Nialler, you're little girl is waiting for you. Yayyy ! He yells ! I could see he loved Allie whenever he looked at her, hers and his eyes lit up.. It was so sweet. It filled my heart with joy. I looked at my baby boy. Everytime I went to pick him up, his arms and legs flew up and down.. He always made me laugh..

Niall's POV-
I had an idea.. Alexis's birthday was in a few days... I wanted to make it special so I had to buy, 2 BIG bows and string.. And cute things.. I had LOTS of ideas.. But I needed some from Hailey .. I gentley lay Allie down on the floor to play with her teddie... .I walk over to Hailey..I pull her aside in private and start to ask questions..

Harry's POV-
So, um..Alexis.. How are things? I ask her. Oh fine.. Excited for my 17 birthday. She tells me. I bet, I hope you get everything you want..I tell her. Harold sit! I have everything I could ever want..A family, a loving husband... , everything. I don't need anything else.. She says. Shes beautiful... I think to myself.. I look into her eyes. Then I snap out of it when we were interupted by Niall and Hailey.

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