Which Direction?

When Alexis goes to a One Direction concert, she meets one of the boys going to the bathroom.. He immediatley has feelings for her. Alexis gets a special treat from the boys. Read more to find out what happens. P.S. - i suck and descriptionss :D


37. Cheater!

Harry's POV-
I came home from buying me and my Hails some Taco's. They were from the place at the end of the mall she likes. I got hers with, beef, lettuce , salsa, stuff like that. I take of my shoes, and hang up my coat. I grab the roses I bought for Hailey...I smell a un-fimialiar smell, but at the same time it is fimiliar..Calvin! Wait, or is it, Kevin, wait no, Cavin! I walk past Hailey and Niall and see their not too happy. I just ignore them and walk to the room. I open our door and see Hailey asleep..I smile and my smile dissapears when I see someone asleep next to her. I drop our taco's and pull the blankets off them.. I see Hailey's face when she she's me looking at Cavin. I pull Cavin off the bed and start smashing him against the wall, I punch him in the nose. I hear the crunch of his bone.. The blood falling every second..

Hailey's POV-
STOP! HARRY! NO , ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! STOPP HAROLD ! please...I see Cavin fall to the ground and full of blood .. Then Harry kicks him in the stomach...Harry runs out of the house. I rush over to Cavin. ALEXIS! COME QUICK !!! I yell!

Alexis's POV-
I hear a huge thump then Harry running out of the house, blood all over his hands. ALEXIS, COME QUICK!!! . I hear Hailey yell from upstairs. I hear the twins start to cry. Niall, get the twins please hun.! I tell him. I run upstiars and see Cavin knocked out and Hailey bloody from Cavins blood. I call an ambulance and they later take him to the hospital.

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