Which Direction?

When Alexis goes to a One Direction concert, she meets one of the boys going to the bathroom.. He immediatley has feelings for her. Alexis gets a special treat from the boys. Read more to find out what happens. P.S. - i suck and descriptionss :D


11. A Miracle For A Few Of Us...

Harry's POV-
We finally arrive at the vet hospital. We sit in the chairs and they ladies tell us to come into a room. There Hallie was, gentely wrapped in a blanket with machines all attached to her. I look at Alexis and Hailey who are both in tears from the accident. I rub Hailey's back. She will be alright I reasurred her. I was quite un assure of myself. I sit waiting for her to wake up. After a few hours I notice the pup trying to open her eyes. I rub the top of the dogs head.. Alexis and Niall were the happiest of them all. Me, Hailey and the boys except Niall went home to go to bed , but Niall and Alexis stayed.

Haileys POV-
So, Harry. Were home, the boys are asleep. Watcha wanna do?? I say. Well I have an idea but your too young he laughs. Ohh you naughty boy. I say gentley slapping his arm. He starts kissing me and he rubs his toung against my lips asking for entrance. I immediatly letting him in. I wanted him, like right now.. He starts getting on top of me, grinding up my body. This boy is a turn on! I think to my self. He stops and I look at him biting on my lip. He picks me up and lays me in his bunk, well, you know what happends next.. Lets just say I lost my virginity and HES AN ANIMAL!! xD !

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