Ancient Magic


9. Chapter 9 ~ Telepathy

When I woke up sparkle was muttering something in the wizard language I think she was trying to make my power accept telepathy, the others were all standing around me "Morning sleeping beauty haha" Claire said "Oh haha I know it's not been that long" I sat up my head still hurting "Seriously you missed dinner we brought you something for when you woke up" Nathalie said they sat beside me "Thanks guys" I gave them a hug "Sparkle? What happened?" she turned around "Young mistress, it was a wizards telepathy, I don't know who it was and what they were saying as only you can know that, I'm nearly finished this potion, we don't know if it was important or not so this will make you be able to use telepathy and understand it with out having to learn" great these potions never tasted nice "Oh great, will this one ate nice? For once?" Claire and Nathalie looked at me in surprise "What?" "You take potions regularly?" I nodded "It's important to be able to recharge several power elements often so every few weeks I have to take some they all taste different but horrible" we laughed i sat with my hand pressed on my head "Sparkle, why won't the pain go away yet?" "That means the sender is still trying to get through" then she smiled. "Ah its finished" whilst she poured it into a cup I asked Nathalie "Where's Alex?" "He has a football match he should be back soon" I nodded "Can I smell it?" Claire said as sparkle handed the potion to me "Yes you may" sparkle said Claire sniffed I and was almost sick "That smells awful!" I kaughed then took it like a shot I just poured t down "How can you do it so fast and not be sick from the taste?" Nathalie said "Practise my young one" I said pretending to be yoda from star wars.
I screamed "What's wrong with her! Sparkle!" Claire and Nathalie shouted "Calm down ths is what happens the first time you get a telepathy message, concentrate young mistress" I did wha she said I concentrated on the message but first I tried to find out who it was, o-m-g it was Nathan! He wasn't dead "I'm sorry I haven't been in touch I was held hostage by a load of evil magic bearers, I'm going to trace you I'm coming to find you, you need someone with magic to help you now, I don't know what's happened but you could fill me in, see you soon hopefully Tiffany" was what the message said then the bond broke I started jumping up and down "I will be right back Alex needs in" sparkle said as she flew off "What happens Tiffany" .claire said "Who was the message from?" Nathalie said "It was from Nathan! He was held hostage by men with evil magic but he's coming here! Well when he figures out where here is, I can't send a message back it's a one way bond" they started jumping around with me they were so happy for me then Alex came in behind sparkle "Comgradulations young mistress I'm very happy for you" sparkle said she had obviously been ahead and listened in "What's the party for?" Alex said as he laughed "It was Nathan! He's alive!" I said between squeals "Wait, your best friend Nathan? The one that disappeared?" he asked I nodded then calmed down "Sparkle how will he be able to find me? I'm tracker spell resistant, aunt Sally always had that on me in case something happened" she thought hard "You both have a special bond between you, a magical best friend bond, so the other can track the other, it just appears when you have a true wizard best friend " I nodded "But don't get your hopes up young mistress, there are ways evil magic can pretend to be someone for telepath and tracking but they must have the person in their arms to be able to do it" I sighed "I know but is just with everything that's been going on you know aunt dying almost being killed here and in constant danger it would be nie t have someone iv known all my life here" Claire hugged me "Come on its dark we should get back to the dorms" i walked out first then waited for them I walked with Nathalie but Alex and Claire were behind us, he had wanted to speak to her in private I wonder what about.
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