Ancient Magic


8. Chapter 8 ~ Strange Fainting

"Sparkle you were right about something bad happening, those men that are trying to kill me attacked us I transported them to the desert when they were knocked out" "Ah I thought as much, well we can't erase their memory so they have to promise to not tell anyone" they nodded behind me. I felt weird this was the first time I had ever shown anyone what I am sparkle left us alone and we all sat down. "So do you guys hate me for not telling you what I really am and why I really moved here?" "We don't hate you Tiffany, how can we? You saved our lives you protected us" Claire said "Thank I'm glad you don't hate me and I had to, that was the sole purpose of wizards to protect the un enchanted from danger a very very very long time ago when there was loads of wizards you had to go to a special wizard training school and if you did well you graduated and got given an assignment, a human to protect but then Simeon ediscobered evil magic and turned against everyone his name was Ravana hi also turned thousands of good wizards bad and built an army, that what those guys that attacked us were descendants from and for all I know of all the other wizards that I actually knew are dead well there's one that I don't know if he's dead or not" "At least we know now and thanks for the history lesson probably one of the most fun ever learning about magic" Nathalie said then we laughed "So are you actually a human?" Alex asked "Yeah I'm a human just an enchanted one that's why sparkle refers t you as un enchantdeds you don't have magic in you" "Thanks that had to be clear but I'm glad your a human" he replied "You said that you don't known weather that guys alcove or not who is he?" claire asked "His name was Nathan Scott, he was my best friend he went away on a mission 2 years ago for the high council but he never came back the council sent a scrol informing me that he may be dead they don't know all they know is that his mission was failed. They never even tried to find him I tried to use tracking spells but none of that worked but iv still not given up one day I'll find out if he's dead or alive " Claire came over and hugged me "I don't know hat I would do if I thought that Nathalie and Alex were missing but not known if they were dead or alive" I hugged her back "Thanks, but sometimes I just wish for a nor,al life, no magic, not having to look over my shoulder all the time" I was crying now "Don't cry Tiffany" Alex said as he hugged me then Nathalie joined in "Thanks guys, you can look around if you want but just don't touch anything I need to talk to sparkle.
I left them looking around and went to find sparkle and she was in the forbidden room "Young mistress you shouldn't be in here! This room is forbidden!" "I'm sorry sparkle but if your not forgetting I am the end of the blood line I deserve to know some things" "I am sorry, you know how you asked me to investigate your head master" oh gosh what was she away to say? "Yeah...." "Well its not good, I sensed a lot of evil magic on him but I could find out who he was, just be very carefull around him" "Thanks and I will" I left her and walked back to the others "What's this?" Claire asked pointing to an old book "I can't read it" "That book has the most important spells in the world in it, it's only viable to wizards to me it's just English but to you it looks like jibber ish" we laughed then I sat down in the sofa I had a sore head, Claire and Nathalie continued to look around, Alex came and sat next to me "Are you ok, you've gone really pale" I shook my head "I don't know what's wrong with me, it's like someones trying to use a wizards form of telepathy, I haven't learned it yet, I'm going to pass out I can tell go get spar..." then I fainted.
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