Ancient Magic


7. Chapter 7 ~ The Fight

I went and sat at a bench with Claire, Nathalie and Alex "Where did you go?" Alex whispered to me "I just went for a walk why?" "We were trying to find you" he whispered back "Oh, sorry" he just nodded then Claire whispered to me so Alex couldn't hear it "When he heard what Charity did to you he poured a can of Fanta on her hair and all down he clothes" we both giggled and got shouted at I whispered to Alex "Did you really pour a can of Fanta on charity?" he nodded I giggled and the was our last lesson at the end Claire and I got held back we could see Alex and Nathalie waiting out side for us "I expected better from you Claire and you new girl I expected a better first impression from you" we both nodded "We really are sorry Mr Smith but I was just telling Claire about an experiment at my old school that died all the books purple by accident" i said , lying of course but he didn't know that "Oh well since you were talking about science I'm not going to give you a punishment exercise but next time no more giggling, you may go" we nodded then hurried out as soon as we got out we burst out laughing "I can't believe you just told a big fat lie and got away with it!" Claire said "Well I'm a good lier" we both laughed again then Claire told Nathalie and Alex and they burst out laughing as well then we all walked to the dorms Alex was down the hall from us so went to go get changed then we went to et changed as well.
Claire put n a pair of denim shorts with tights, ugh boots and a black tank top and red cardigan. Nathalie out on black skinny jeans, super dry top, black cardigan and converse trainers and I put on blue ripped jeans, black top with lace detail, leather jacket and ballet flats.
Then there was a nock on the door "Come in" Nathalie said then Alex came through he was wearing a black top, dark red jeans, grey hoodie and black converses "Hey girls" "Hey Alex" we all said in unison again so we burst out laughing them I said "Where are we going?" "To our hide out in the woods" Nathalie said I nodded then we started walking when we got to he grass about to go in the woods "Tiffany, why did you go for a walk today? When you dissapeared" Claire asked what would I say?? "Well when someone makes me angry if I don't get away fast I might end up doing something very stupid" "Like anger problems?" Nathalie said "NATHALIE!!! " Claire and Alex said at the same time "It's ok and sorta I can't really say though" they nodded "We understand" claire said, oh but they really don't understand I'd hey ever found out I don't know what I would do and sparkle would give me in deep trouble for letting them find out.
We walked in silence for about 10 minuted till we got there. It was an old wooden shed but massive with fairy lights everywhere sofas rugs a tv a mini fridge loads of food it was so cool! "You guys made all this?" "Yup well we decorated we found the shed and decided to use it" Alex said "I love it! It's so cool!" they smiled "Thanks but you need to see the back as well" Claire said then they pulled me out to the back of the sed and out through the doors there was a big circle of trees with fairy lights hanging from them and white metal benches circling a pile of wood obviously used for a bonfire "Wow this place is awesome" they smiled again we all sat around the pile of wood since it was too bright to light it.
We just talked for a bit and joked around we had loads of fun then it started to get dark so Alex lit the fire and put the lights on it looked even better all lit up. We comtinued to talk but then the bad feeling thing came not as bad as when my aunt died but I could tell it was the same people "Oh shit" I said I had a little vision they were heading right here, for me and if that meant hurting my friends then they would do it "What's wrong? Tiffany?" Claire said I quickly stood up "Whats going on?" Alex said I turned to them "Look I can't explain how but something bad is about to happen and I can't tell you what yet but I need you to try and promise hat whatever happens whatever your about to see you don't freak out" "Why? Please tell us" Nathalie said "Look I want to but I can't, their nearly here I can feel it so please all of you stay behind me if you want to stay safe" "Who's nearly here?" Claire said panic in her voice, this was it my first fight against the dark magic, evil magic "Them" Alex said pointing at the bunch of men head to toe in black heading towards us.
"Oh my god!" Claire and Nathalie said at the same time almost screaming "Were going to die!" nathalie said they started crying and tried to run away but Alex pulled them into his chest to keep them from running away. Then the men got here and stopped I front of me "Well we finally ge you on your own 15 years of trying to get rid of your families blood line and were down to the last one" one of the men said then they all laughed "So? You may have me on my own without a powerful wizzard to help me but this is what my aunt trained me to do, to fight evil magic like you and to protect myself and others, if you want a fight you have a fight but don't you dare try to harm my friends they have nothing todo with this" I heard someone behind me gasp probably Claire "Well if you would hurry up and let your guard down at last then we can finally kill you and our mission is finished" another gasp probably Nathalie this time "I'm not going to let my guard down, not ever" they started throwing bolts of black magic at us one hit from them and your dead as soon as they did before it could hit us I put up a force field to hold them of and protect us all "T-Tiffany are we going to die?" I'm glad that was the only question right now "No"
I kept the force field up with one hand whilst I threw knock out spells tat them I get 10 of theese for one spell so if I get perfect aim they'll all be out and I can transport them some where can I just add this is advanced magic stuff I haven't practised before I got them all out took the orcefield down then transported them to the desert the blast from that though knocked us all down I quickly got up and ran over to them "Are you guys ok? Im so sorry this is all my fault" I tried to help Claire up but she hit my hand away "Get away from me, charity was right you are a freak!" wow that one hurt "I thought we could trust you! All that crap about your aunt and parents it was all made up!" that one really hurt "That's enough Claire!" "Alex said "You all have the right to be mad at me but for your information all that 'crap' about my family is mostly true my parents did die when I was 2 but they didn't die in a car crash they died trying to save me from those guys, they've been after me my whole life I dont know why but they want the Evans blood line gone they want me dead, they killed my parents I barely escaped I move half way across the world 13 years later they kill my aunt and I couldn't do anything as I was locked away in the chamber of Evans where no body could hurt me then a few days later they attack again but killing no one, the reason why I didn't tell you I was a wizard was that I couldn't I would be breaking one of the most important rules in the wizard world and I would be sentenced to the magical crown court and pt in jail there, that could still happen now! And if you don't believe me I can show you the truth" they just stared at me with no words "Nothing to say huh?" "I'm so sorry Tiffany I shouldn't have said that but I still don't really believe your story" Claire said Alex and Nathalie nodded "Fine then you want proof? I'll show you proof follow me" and they did I led them to the shed "This is just the old shed, no one uses it" Nathalie said I opened the door "Just a normal shed?" they nodded so I closed it then I did the enchantment 2 knocks "Chamber of Evans open to me, reveal yourself on the knock of three" another knock and I opened the door and their jaws hit the floor I motioned for them to go in so they did I followed and did the protection enchantment "Chamber of Evans I summon thee hide yourself and protect me" I led the way through the tunnels "Sparkle? Where are you?" she flew around the corner their jaws dropped further "What never seen a fairy before?" then turned to me "Young mistress why are there 3 un enchanted beings in here?"

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