Ancient Magic


6. Chapter 6 ~ The First Day

I got woken up at 7 by Claire and her hair dryer "Morning, have a good sleep?" I got up and yawned "Nope I had about 20 nightmares and got 0 sleep" she laughed a little then went into the bathroom I decided i would quickly use a spell to get my hair and make up done when she was in there and Nathalie was still sleeping. Luckily no one cot me I found my school clothes and by the time Claire got out I was all ready. I had a very light smokey eye look, and had my brown hair curled and styled, skirt, pollo shirt, tie and ballet flats on "Wow you look great and your really fast at getting ready!" we othe laughed "Thanks, you too" Claire went over to Nathalie and woke her up she quickly got dressed and put her hair up in a bun and we were ready to go to break fast then get to class "Wait, are you guys in my classes? I have no idea where to go" "Give me your timetable" I handed it to Claire and she looked it over "Your in all of me, Nathalie and Alex's classes we're not in your maths class though but Alex is" she handed it back to me "Thanks, so will you like take me from class to class?" "Like when you take your mummy's hand everywhere?" they both laughed I knew they were joking but then they remembered I never had a mum to do that "Sorry I totally forgot I'm such a bitch I'm so sorry" "It's ok it's just a rough subject for me" we hugged then grabbed our bags and went to the cafeteria and got breakfast we all got the same toast and a glass of milk when we got to our table Alex was already there "Morning" he said as we sat down "Morning Alex" we said then laughed as we said it at the same time "Did you have a good sleep in your new home last night tiffany?" "Not really I had the same nightmare all night" "Oh what was it about?" "J-just stuff that happened yesterday and when I was little,mi don't really want to talk about it" he nodded and shut up "Alex would you take Tiffany to maths? It's the only class she's not with us" "Sure well we've got maths first so we should probably go" we got up and left for the main school building "Look I know what happened with your parents and aunt I was away to come in your room to talk to Claire and I heard you telling them so I walked away, I'm really sorry" "It's ok just don't talk about it it really upsets ,me" "Sure" We walked in silence then all through out 1,2,3 and 4 th periods I just sat and thought about stuff, would I ever babbled a ble to tell them, that im a wizard? Would they turn on me? Would they tell anyone? What would they do? Those questions remained on mind and I decided when the time was right I would tell them.
Then the bell rang and I walked with Claire to the cafeteria and just got a Pepsi and sat down I got there before Claire though and Ntahaile and Alex had to sort something out so they would be a bit late then one of the cheerleader girls came over.
"What do you want?" she looked like a slut short short skirt, very tight top and high heels "I want to know why you came here and why yor stealing the boy I love from under me!" she likes Alex? Well that's a new one "Excuse me?" "You heard me" "Well I got tired of my old school and I'm not stealing anyone" she sighed "Fine, and you are, your stealing Alex from me he likes you and not me! Why would he like you! Your a freak!" "You know what maybe I am a freak, at least I'm not a cheerleader slut like you!" I grabbed my bag and storm out some people started clapping and cheering for me, I had no idea why.
I stormed past Alex and Nathalie and they just looked confused but went to the cafeteria it was obvious that Claire would be telling them what had happened I made sure no one was following me and I went to the shed. I made sure no one was inside first then did then enchantment 2 knocks "Chamber of Evans open to me, reveal yourself on the knock of three" 1 knock and as usual the chamber was there I quickly did the protection spell "Chamber of Evans, I summon thee, hide yourself and protect me" and automatically the chamber went into protection mode "Young mistress, your back a little early aren't you?" "I'm on my lunch break Sparkle and one of the cheerleader girls made me so angry I nearly snapped I nearly put a spell on her so I walked out" "I'm glad what your aunt told you sank in but she must have made you really angry you never nearly snap" I sighed and sat down at the table Sparkle flew over and sat beside me lets practise some forgetting spells, you already know protection so the next step is forgetting if any un enchanted see your magic of protection this will make all the surrounding un enchanted forget but it's tricky" "Ok let's do it" after a lot of practising I finally got the hang of it and managed to do it with the snaps you snap and say "Igatheas" which is an ancient magic spell name which in the language wizards used to speak in means forget. I glanced at my phone 1:57 "Sparkle I'm gonna be late, I'll come back later" she gave me a hug "Protect yourself and your friends I sense something bad will happen. Don't know what" I nodded and left I ran to the science lock and got there just in time luckily as wizards are really fast at running I wasn't out of breath. The bell just rang as I went in.
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