Ancient Magic


5. Chapter 5 ~ New Friend

I fell over then realised what had happened "Oh my god are you ok? I'm sorry for knocking you over" a boy said standing above me with his hand extended. I took it and got to my feet "I'm ok, it's my fault I should have been watching where I was going" he smiled "Im Alex by the way" "Nice to meet you I'm Tiffany" "Are you new here? Iv never seen you before" "Yeah I just got here, I better get going see you later Alex" I turned ready to start running again "Wait! Who's room are you in?" "Nathalie and Claire's, I don't know their last names" "Room 332?" "Yeah that's it" he smiled "Their 2 of my my best friends, see you later" I smiled back at him and tarted running. I could sense him smiling from behind me. I got back to my room and Nathalie and Claire were changed "Hey you took a while, and we saw you chatting to Alex" Nathalie said "Yeah I like to take in my surrowndings" we all laughed "How could you see me?" "The window in the end of the hallway" Claire said and we all started laughing again. Once we cal ed down Claire said "So can we know a little more about you? We're not tring to be nosy but we just want to know a little more about you, like why the sudden change of school?" I gulped this would be the first time I had ever talked about it "Um well there's not much to tell, my parents died in a car crash when I was 2 so i moved from California to the the other side of London well through London and out to the countryside when you hit the first town go past there and drive half an hour and I lived there, anyways I moved there to love with my aunt, my last relative that I know of and well I had a nice life there" at this point I was sat on my bed and Claire and Nathalie were sitting beside me "We lived on a farm so In the day working on the farm and riding horses whilst keeping up with school work of course then at night relaxing and having fun by the fire but she was murdered today" I started crying "She had made plans if she died when I should still be in school to have me come here so that's wha I did so basically I'm alone in the world now, no one to support me nothing" I was crying so hard now then I sensed Alex outside our door apobviously away to come in but he had heard everything. "Omg Tiffany, that's horrible so you have no family or friends now?" I nodded "Being alone in the countryside my only friends were the horses and my last family was my aunt" they were both hugging me "Well you have is now Tiffany" Nathalie said.
I looked at the clock it was nearly 6 o'clock I was starving I had only had breakfast and an apple I really needed something to eat "When is dinner? I only had breakfast today you know with my aunt being murdered at lunch and stuff" "Should be about now, let's go and you can sit with us" I smiled and I fixed my make up and we walked to one of the cafeterias around campus we went up to the counter they both got macaroni then chocolate cake Nathalie got Sprite claire got Fanta. I got steak pie, chocolate cake and Pepsi . I followed them with my tray then we sat at the back of the seating area at a table for about six "We usually eat here then sit back here away from the preppy girls, cheerleaders and jocks" I laughed then we tucked in I just picked away at my steak pie not that hungry after what had happened settled in. I watched my aunt ge murdered today but people hunting me down to end my blood line, saved the chamber and moved it, found out what had really happened to my parents, moved school and now I was just sitting having dinner. I ate about half of my steak pie then Alex walked in and surprisingly he came over and sat with us, I had thought he would be with the jocks "Hey Alex" Claire said "Hey guys" it appeared he always sat here. We continued talking about make up and got onto our favourite lip glosses then Alex said "Don't I get a say in your conversation?" then Nathalie said obviously mocking him "Well if you care to give us info on your favourite lip gloss then please do but if not keep it shut" we all laughed and he faked a sad smile then laughed with us. I finished mines first then said "If you guys don't mind I think I'm going to go to bed its been a really exhausting day" claire and Nathalie nodded mpunderstanding what I had been through so I ran back to our room and colapsed on the bed and got under the covers and fell right asleep that night I had a nightmare my aunt getting killed repeated in my head over and over I kept waking up and I used all my spells for that day to try and ge rid of them but it didn't work luckily I did that before sunrise so I can still get new spells.
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