Ancient Magic


4. Chapter 4 ~ The Forbidden Room

I found a shed that was empty so it would do fine I went in placed the crystal down then did the enchantment on the crystal 2 knocks "Chamber of Evans open to me reveal yourself on the knock of 3" then another knock and sure enough the chamber opened up "Sparkle? You in here?" she flew around the corner then almost bumped into me "Took you long enought mistress" then laughed "Wheres the chest?" I handed it to her and she flew around and out everything away "Can you still use invisibility?" "Yes why?" "Mu head master he had a weird vibe around him I couldn't make out if it was bad or good I still can't" "I will investigate for you" "Thank you Sparkle" I gave her a hug then walked around for a bit whilst she went tidying something I cam across the forbidden room.
Iv never been aloud in the forbidden room, hence the name. But I'm on my own now so who cares and I need to know what was in there but boy was I in for a shock. The highest magical stuff iv ever seen, stuff that belongs in the highest crown court of magic, where ever that is iv never been told and now the only person to tell me would be Sparkle and that would probably never happen. In the back of the room I saw a door and I could see it was unlocked I walked over but as I got there I got a vibe of my parents and aunt Sally that was weird, you can only get a vibe from a wizard if their alive and they all were not alive.
As I walked through there were a few cobwebs I just brushed them away. Then I knew where all the vibes were coming from portraits of my mum and dad and aunt but the descriptions were torn off then in a chest was all their clothes then in another chest there were loads of photos of them all and I lost it I burst out crying, they all died protecting me and now I'm all alone in the world.
I left the room and dried my tears away then went to the history books, I wanted to know more about this school I could sense a magical vine that can't have come from another wizard as soon as I entered this school. After a 5 minutes of searching I found the right book and omg, this school used to be the magical crown court palace before it disappeared. Then I looked at my watch I had been gone for ages I better get back. "Sparkle I need to go, from now on do I need to do a protection spell when I come in? And will he crystal still be there in the shed?" "Be careful young mistress, you will and he crystal will be back in the chamber" I gave her a hug used the mirror to make sure no one was around then left. You don't need to use an enchantment for looking from the outside. I started running back to my room then I bumped into something or should I say someone.
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