Ancient Magic


3. Chapter 3 ~ The Move To Ainsbury Academy

Sparkle sat down and hugged me whilst I cried then I realised I needed to know what happened next "Sparkle where is the special box?" she led me through some tunnels then showed me a big trunk full of every book, potion, spell and equipment that once filled these shelves and then there was my box I used the key to open it I was to go to Ainsbury Academy boarding school on the other side of London in the country side for boys and girls aged 12-18 "Let's get packing then" "Hold on I will bring your stuff here I can't let you go out incase the come back" in a snap of her fingers my stuff was here in 2 suitcases "What about this trunk I need it?" "Easy I just need to shrink it" then another click and it was the size of a jewellery box "And how do I summon the chamber from the school?" "I will out a spell on this crystal which means as soon as I teleport you out of here the chamber will be in this crystal so when you find a safe place with a door to go inside you go in and place the crystal down say the enchantment and the chamber will be revealed then you just need to do the lock and open like you do here" I gave her a hug then she put the spell on the crystal placed it in a suitcase "Good bye for now young mistress" then teleported me to the town I went into the post office "Hi can you phone me a taxi please?" "Of course Tiffany" "Thanks" then I walked out and waited for 10 minutes and then the taxi came "Where are you going miss?" the driver said once he had out my cases in the boot and sat down "Ainsbury Academy please" the drive was a 2 hour drive "Here we are miss that's £30 please. I handed him the money "Thanks" "Have a good day" then he drove away.
The school was a massive old Victorian style mansion and then the school house was a smaller mansion I dragged my suitcases into the office and handed the lady there my letters that I had I took a seat then got called into the head teachers office "Hello miss Evans, I see your aunt had made arangments for you to come here once she died" "Yes she did" "I'm sorry for your loss, I need to you to fill out this form for me" I filed it in name: Tiffany Anne Evans age: 15 d.o.b: 23/9/97 "Thank you, here is a map, your room key 332 and your skedual your uniform is in your room" "Thanks" I went out grabbe my suitcases and walked to the student houses I got to my room and everyone was in classes but it appears we share out rooms it was a massive room with 3 double beds, 3 dressing tables and 3 wardrobes. I went to the bed that had nothing around it and started un packing ingot everything away then came across a picture of my aunt and me, m and my parents and my parents py aunt and me all together I didn't cry evn though I wanted to so badly I had to stay strong then I heard people outside and the door opened.
Two girls that looked about my age both with brown hair, one long and one short walked in "Umm who are you?" one of them said "Nathalie don't be so rude this is our new room mate we were told about, Hi I'm Claire and this is Nathalie, it's nice to meet you" she extended her hand and I took it "Hi it's nice to meet you my name is Tiffany" we all started chatting for a bit then I realised I needed to find a place for the chamber.
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