Ancient Magic


2. Chapter 2 ~ My Aunts Death

"Aaarrggghh" what the hell was that? What on earth is this pain inside me "Aunt Sally!!!" I felt like I would explode she came fishing through my door in a panic "Tiffany? What's wrong?" "I don't know, there's this horrible pain inside me it hurts so much" "Wjere does it hurt?" "My head" she got out 2 crystals and put them to the side of my head then she got an image of what was happening it had to be magic related though, no human could ever go through this pain. "Oh no not now not this!" she was so panicked "Aunt Sally what's wrong?" "Tiffany you must promise me what ever happens you must protect yourself and stay in the Chamber of Evans" now I was worried "Why? Whats going to happen? Aunt Sally what do I need to protect myself from? And why do I need to stay in the Chamber of Evans?" "Darling I can't tell you but all the information is in the special box and where you go you must take the chamber stone and place it some where to make that the hidden chamber" I started crying "Aunt Sally please tell me what's going to happen and why will I be going anywhere?" she handed me the necklace with the key and hugged me "I can't tell you sweetie I wish I could but I can't but you will find out, I love you so much and don't you ever forget that" "I love you too"
Then there was a loud bang "You need to go now sweetie, before it's to late!" the door came off "I love you Tiffany" "I love you too we were both crying so much I gave her one last hug then ran to the attic and started the enchantment 2 knocks "Chamber of Evans open to me, reveal your self on the knock of three" then a knock and I opened the door and the chamber was there I walked in closed the door and said "Chamber of Evans I summon thee hide your self and protect me" so now anyone who old open the attic door would just find the attic no me no chamber just attic I was so scared I'm ony meant to use that spell in emergency cases. I walked around for a bit then went to find Sparkle, the chambers guardian fairy "Sparkle? Where are you? This is an emergency!" then Sparkle flew from around the corner and appeared beside me "Young mistress, why are you alone when I sense a protection spell around us?" "Sparkle we need the magic mirror to see what's going on in the house now! Something bad is happening I'll explain later" she flew around then cast a spell on the mirror and a vision of what was going on came up.
Mess, everything was a massive mess then in the living room there were a lot of men with what looked like black magic coming off them fighting my aunt! "Sparkle who are they? And what sort of magic is that?" "Oh no, Tiffany I understand the actions your aunt has used, those men, they are trying to get rid of the Evans blood line I do not k ow much of this story but I do know that they killed your parents you had a lucky escape your aunt told everyone it was a car crash as there was no way we could say it was a fight of magic they gave their lives to protect you, as long as you live the blood line lives there for they kill you blood line ends they win." omg Sparkle never lied that means its true that means oh no their going to kill my aunt! "Sparkle undo the spell now! I have to help aunt Sally they will kill her!" "I cannot, I must protect the blood line heir at all costs that is my purpose" I looked to the mirror her magic was running out, it was draining all her life then her magic stopped and they used one last blow at her and she died, I just watched my aunt die my only family left die and did nothing about it I lay on the floor crying Sparkle started crying but not as much as me "No this ant have happened" but I was only fooling myself I could no longer feel the family bond across the whole world. I was on my own for life.
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