Ancient Magic


14. Chapter 13 ~ Kidnapped

Alex's p.o.v

We were all laughing our heads off about a program we saw on tv. When we got to the den Tiffamy was standing there with another guy could this be Nathan? He seemed like a cool guy but Claire was drooling and when Tiffany made a comment as she ran off I was almost on the floor laughing then I heard a faint scream an then. Loud scream for help me and Nathan looked at each other in alarm "TIFFANY!!!!!!!" But nothing came back we ran off to where she would have been there was a note there "We finally got what we wanted after 15 long hard working years and well let's just say that today will be the last you will see drear little Tiffany. Nathan and I were comforting Claire and Nathalie wh were balling their eyes out we were slightly crying as well but we couldn't let the, see. Now to fin Tiffany before its too late.

Tiffanys p.o.v

I woke up in the pitch black and I couldn't open my eyes, speak or move my rms or legs. Now I was panicking I heard a door opening and someone walking in, I was pretty sure that t was a man.
I tried to scream but it didn't work then my blindfold was taken off and there infront of me was a 30 year old man and I'm pretty sure he had evil magic radiating off him.
He came over to me and took the thing over my mouth off "Well well well look who we have here little Tiffany Evans after 15 long years I finally have you in my hands" he said with an evil smirk "Who are you? And why do you want me?!" I screamed "You better shut the hell up before I make you" he said with a horrible look on his face "Make me." Was all I said probably not the best thing ever but he walked out of the room and I thought I was left alone for good but then he came back in with a knife and 5 other guys. I gulped.
They walked over to me and at that point I great,y regretted what I had said but I didn't show it I couldn't let them see how much they were scaring me "Aww to scared to tell me off on my own so you got your little friends" I said with sarcasm they all got an angry look on their faces then stopped walking when they were right in front of me "Untie her" the man that had talked to me first said "Yes boss" one of the guys said then untied me the one that was"boss" whispered something to them and they got horrified expressions on their faces but they went away when they turned back to me one of the guys grabbed em by my wrist and it hurt a lot "Come with me" he said but I didn't have a choice "You know your actually hurting my wrist" I said with a cocky tone. "Shut up" he said back then dragged me off to some room and chucked me in then locked the door behind him.

Alex's p.o.v

Where is she. That was all that was going through my head. I cold see it in Nathan's face that he wanted to cry just as badly as me but we had to stay strong for Claire and Nathalie. "Alex can I talk to you?" Nathan said, I nodded and followed him "I can't track Tiffany at all I can't even sense her" he said with worry in face "I know I don't know much about magic but I really think we should tell Sparkle" I replied he nodded and we took the girls to their room so they could sleep then we went to the chambers. We walked in silence but surprisingly sparkle was waiting by the door so we ran inside so no one caught us. "So you know?" Nathan said to sparkle as soon as we were all sitting down "Yes I do but we need ideas and fast" she said we all sat there. For what seemed like an eternity there was silence until I said "I don't really know much about magic but what if you use that mirror-" I pointed to the magic mirror "-Tiffany told me that you can see almost anything through that mirror once and what if we can try and lock onto her?" I didn't know if I was right but if what Tiffany had told me was correct then it should work "Alex that's genius!" Sparkle said and rushed off doing some sort of spell and then an image of Tiffany's face appeared and then zoomed out and she was tied up. With cuts. Nathan and I were almost crying tis was what we didn't want to see, her being hurt.

Tiffany's P.O.V

Once the guy had locked the door I was getting scared. I could hear him muttering to himself "Having fun talking to your imaginary friend?" I said being sassy as always. He grabbed me by the ear then started kicking me and punching me. It was horrible all I could feel was pain everywhere then he tied me to a chair then walked out locking the door.
After a few minutes I could feel the mirror locking on to me I looked up "Sparkle? Did you find me?" I saw magic writing that only I could see "Yes, Alex and Nathan are here as well" I smiled "Hi guys, don't worry I'm fine!" I sighed inside I wish I could tell the truth "We know your not, please stop pretending Tiff, we both hate seeing you like this N" Nathan sent it "Just get me out of here"
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