Ancient Magic


12. Chapter 12 ~ Nathan!

I pinched myself and I was awake "Nathan?!" I said "Hey tiff" he said I ran over to him and hugged him "I've missed you so much Nath!" He laughed "Iv missed you too and someone's grown up a lot in two years" we both laughed "So what happened? Why did you go missing on your mission?" We sat on the sofa "We'll I was almost finished with my mission but the as I was coming out of one of the caves I got jumped by these guys in black they were evil magic and lots of them I tried to fight but they got the better of me they locked me up for 2 years then did a mind control thing got some information out if me then let me go, I didn't know what they took and then I got in touch with you and here I am" "That's horrible, but your here now" we both smiled then hugged again "Now your turn what's happened, why are you and the chamber here and where's Aunt Sally?" She's not actually his aunt but she made Nathan call her that. "We'll pretty much the same till a few days ago" I started crying "Tiff what happened?" He was worried I could tell "We'll those guys that you were describing I know what they took, where I lived they wanted to know that, I got the bad vibe thing and it hurt so much aunt Sally came in and used crystals to tell her what was going on it was them she knew why they were here but she wouldn't tell me she gave me the key and told me to lock myself in here and that she would always love me I ran in here and used the mirror to see what was happening, they killed her and I just had to watch her die" I was crying so much now and Nathan was crying as well "Shit, I'm so sorry tiff" we sat and hugged for a bit then we started chatting like we used to "I liked what I heard earlier on" "Huh? What are you going on about?" "You were on about a cheerleader skank" then he laughed "Ugh don't remind em of her" I laughed as well "So what did she do? And did you have a full on cat fight?" I playfully slapped him then made a projection and he watched it "Well she's a bitch" "Thank you" we laughed and joked around for a bit "Come on we need to go" I said as I got up "What? Where are we going?" "To meet my friends, I promised I would meet with them after class so we need to go to get there before them" he laughed then took my hand "Come on then lead the way" I smiled and ran really fast and got to the forest and to the hide out "We'll you've gotten faster, this place is awesome!" "Thanks I said that as well let's go out back" I led him through and we sat down "When my friends come shut up so they it's just me and they'll get a shock when they come through" he laughed "Sure thing, why can I sense evil magic?" "They guys that killed my aunt also killed my parents and were ment to kill me too they followed me here yesterday and tried to kill me, Claire, Nathalie and Alex I fought them off so be really carefull I don't know why but they want the Evans blood line gone basically they want me dead" he was red with anger "The only ones who will be dead are them when I ge my hands on them" "Calm it ok? They won't hurt me and be quiet my friends are nearly here" he nodded and returned to normal "Tiff? Are you here?" I heard Claire shout I shouted back "Out here!" I heard them come out then they stopped dead in their tracks "Who's that cute guy tiff?" Claire whispered to me "Guys this is Nathan I told you about, Nathan these are m friends Alex, Claire, and Nathalie" they all shook hands then there was an awkward silence and Claire couldn't stop staring at him I gave her a nudge and she stopped and I laughed "Shut up tiff" she whispered and I did "Well I have home work to do so make Nathan feel welcome oh and Claire? Youv got a bit of drool" I laughed as I ran off. She's gonna kill me for that later I was almost at the end of the woods when I could hear someone be hind me I turned around "Hello is someone there?" There wasn't I turned back around and a hand slapped on top of my mouth then started to drag me away I managed to get him off and I screamed at the top of my lungs "HELP!!!!!!!!!" They knocked me out and all I saw was black the last thing I heard was someone screaming my name.
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