Ancient Magic


11. Chapter 11 ~ Skiiving

When I woke up I was full of the flu when Claire woke up and saw me like this she said "Omg tiff are you ok?" I coughed "Not really I think I have the flu" "I'll be right back I need to go and get the nurse" I nodded then she ran out the door and ran down the hall to go and get the nurse she came back about 10 minutes with the nurse with her "Tiffany, what wrong hunny?" I coughed again "I think iv cought a flu" she took my temperature then said "Well your staying here today, I'll go get you a little something to eat and tell the office you won't be in today" I nodded then she left alone and Nathalie got up and then her and Claire got ready "You sure you'll be fine today?" Nathalie asked as they headed out the door "I'll be fine you guys get going" as soon as hey left I sank into bed then the nurse came back in "Heres a bottle of water, some toast, an, apple and some milk, if yup need anything I'm on the next floor down" she set the stuff down on the table then left.
As soon as she left I relaxed and got dressed then got a few magazines and got back into bed. I e about 10 magazines 3 times and then got bored so I chucked them away and got to sleep as there was nothing else to do. But then there was a knock on the door that woke me up I looked at my phone it was 1:00pm shit! I quickly re activated the spell and said "Come in" and Alex walked in "What happened? You were fine this morning I was worried when you didn't show up to maths I thought those guys got you" he said as he came and sat beside me "I think it was being out in the cold" "Can you just do a spell to get better?" "Oh yeah I can" so I quickly de activated the spell and got out of bed "Are you coming for the last class?" "Nah I'm gonna go to the chamber and practise" he hugged me "Ok then well iv got to go to football practise will you meet me Claire and Nathalie in the den after school?" "Course have a good time" he walked out the room I fixed me hair and put some more curls in it then snuck out to the shed un noticed 2 knocks "Chamber of Evans open to me, reveal yourself on the knock of three" another knock and I walked in "Chamber of Evans I summon thee hide yourself and protect me" then I started walking through the tunnels and I thought I could hear sparkle talking to someone "Sparkle? Where are you?" I said checking in all the rooms I passed when I came out of the third one sparkle was right in front of me "Young mistress not to be rude but why are you not in uniform and with your friends?" "I didn't want to see that cheerleader skank today I didn't want to snap and do something ill regret so I faked sick" she frowned at me "That's not what you should have done but go tomorrow or there will be trouble, anyway I have a surprise for you young mistress" I'm getting really curious she was talking to someone in there could that be my surprise? "What is it? You know I love surprises" she started smiling "You should be asking who is it" "Sparkle who is it!?" She laughed "Come to the main room and you'll see" I followed her through and sitting there was Nathan!
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