Ancient Magic


10. Chapter 10 ~ I Kinda Like Alex......

We got back up to the dorms and got to our room "Night Alex" we all said "Night" then he walked away and we went in and locked the door I got ready for bed whilst they went into the bathroom to talk when they came out I was sitting on my bed looking through my photos and I came across one of me and Nathan before he went on the mission "Who's that?" Claire asked as she sat beside me "Me and Nathan a week before he went on that mission" "He's cute" Nathalie said and we laughed then castrated talking about boys "Is there anyone that you like tiff? I hope you don't mind me calling you tiff" Claire said "There is well kinda and I don't mind at all i love nicknames" "Who is it?!" Claire and Nathalie said at the same time "Well... I... Kinda like...." "Go on!" they said "Alex...." they laughed "What?" "It's just h likes you that's wha he told us" Nathalie said "I'm gomna text him and tell him!" Claire said before I could say not to she lready had "Thanks a lot Claire" we all laughed again "I'm going to sleep, night" "Night" they said back then we all got to sleep I kept waking up and it was about 1 am so I decided to leave a note, in case they woke up that I had gone for a walk and the time I left.
I brushed my hair, put my uggs on then got a jacket. Quietly I unlocked the door and close it again when I was out I went to behind the shed and sat there staring at the stars. Then I got lost in my thoughts I glanced at my phone it was 3 am and I had a text from Claire "It's 3 am and your not back Alex is out trying to find you" she was worried. I still had some spells left so I started drawing in the air with special light magic it looks really cool. I had traced the stars. Then I heard someone come near the shed so immediately I jump to my feet and got a fire bolt in my hand incase it was an attack but then Alex came round the corner and gasped I quickly put out the fire ball "Sorry I thought you were going to attack me" "Me? Attack you? Now why would I do that? But dot do that again you scared me" we both laughed I sat back down "So why are you out here, it's freezing and the middle of the night" he sat beside me "I'm just thinking about.... Stuff" I turned so I was facing me "You don't know how hard this all is being a wizard with no family, being hunted down, knowing that even though you got a message from your best friends it might be a trap and being a girl" he gave a slight laugh then hugged me, I hugged him back "You know I'm akways here for you, and Claire and Nathalie are too, we all care about you" "You all care about me?" he nodded "Claire and Nathalie think of you as a sister" we both laughed "So how do you get new spells?" he asked eventually "Well as soon as the sun rises and we can see it the magic just recharges through us, it's really cool its lie rainbow lights flow over your body then go away" "Does it hurt?" "Nt if you count tickling as hurting" we laughed again "We should probably be getting back in now, it's really early" I turned to leave when I got up but Alex grabbed my wrist "Wait" I turned back around "What is it?" he came closer to me then kissed me.
When he pulled away I didn't know what to say "I'm sorry, I just really like you" I stared at him Claire wasn't lying "I I like you too" I started blushing like mad I could feel it "I need to go" I said then I ran back to my room luckily my super fast running came in very handy so he couldnt catch up with me when I got in Claire and Nathalie were pacing the room with the lights on "Where have you been? And wheres Alex? He said he'd bring you back" now how to explained this to them? I'll tell them in the morning when iv nada chance to think "I don't want to talk about it" then I went into bed and closed my eyes hoping to fall asleep and hoping they would to finally they fell asleep and I sat up. I really didn't want to go to school the next day,mi could use a spell to give myself the flu so I did.
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