Ancient Magic


1. Chapter 1 ~ The Backstory

Sadnesses. A feeling I know all too well, more than anyone should ever have to know.
When I was 2 years old I ended up in a car crash with my mum and dad some how I survived but my parents didn't. I was so little then but I could still remember little bits about them they loved me dearly and this something I will never forget, but there's something not quite normal with me, I'm a wizard.
No I'm not another Harry potter, I don't go to hog warts, don't live with a horrible aunt and uncle and my horrible cousin or have a lightning bolt scar on my fore head.
I'm really just a normal girl on the outside, I don't know of any other wizards apart from my aunt. When my parents died I didn't have any other family relatives apart from my aunt in the countryside near London so I had to move from sunny California to rainy Britain. I love my aunt though she's like a mother to me and raised me as her own. I loved living in the country side though, it may be mostly deserted and we had to drive for 30 minutes to the nearest town but it's a nice big house on a farm and I helped my aunt around the farm and rode horses then at night we would both relax in front of the fire or at the weekends practise magic we only get 5 spells a day though and it does help a lot when you want to be lazy (or get the chores done!)
But that all changed on one horrible day. We wizards get this weird vibe going through is we can sense when someone's there even if you can't see them and we can sense if something bad is going to happen. And that feeling was so so strong it hurt this is what happened that horrible day.
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