One Direction Imagines(:

Doing imagines with the boys. Just leave the boy(s) name, your name, hair colour, eye colour, and a little bit on what you want to happen. Or I can just make up something on my own:)


2. Surprise! (Caitlyn & Louis)

"Lou?" I called, looking for my boyfriend. He had told me to come over for a surprise, but I hate them. There wasn't an answer. Great. I fluffed my beautiful, long, blonde hair and walked farther into his flat. I checked behind the counter for him. Nothing. Where the hell is he? "Louis William Tomlinson!" I started to become irritated. The living space was empty. I went to walk into the hallway to his room, before I heard a small noise from behind. I quickly turned around. Offically freaked out. Walking towards the front door, there was a loud crash. I laughed, knowing I found him. I turned to find him on the floor, face into the carpet. He looked up and laughed as well before getting up.
"Surprise!" He yelled, his voice cracking just a tad. I giggled.
"Surprise?" I asked. He nodded, grabbing my hand, and pulling me to the kitchen. A basket sat near the fridge with a checkered blanket covering the top.
"We're going on a picnic!" He cheered.
"Oh thank God. I thought I was going to be murdered." I admitted. He grinned, resting his hand on my cheek. "Well, let's go!"
"Baby, it's cold outside." He told me.
"But what abo-" I began.
"We're having it in here!" He told me.
"Alright then." I awkwardly said. He grabbed the basket and my hand, yanking me into the living space. I helped him push the couch to the other side of the room so we could have room. We set out the blanket and sat down. After we had a lovely lunch(prepared by Lou himself), we begin to talk.
"So, we've been together for almost three years now." He told me. I nodded in return.
"Uh, yeah?" I questioned. He fiddled with his fingers. "Lou, what's on your mind?" He looked up and chuckled.
"You." He smiled. "You're beautiful blonde hair, those sparkly blue eyes, you're amazing smile. Everything."
"Cheesey, but.. I like." I blushed a dark red. "Go on."
"You first caught my eye when I saw you sitting alone at the small café. I thought you were the most beautiful lady I ever saw. So that's when I walked up to you and said these words. 'Hi. I couldn't help but notice you're all alone. Mind if I sit here?' And thank God you said sure. I was shocked. How could such a beauty like you like a guy like me?" He explained. I looked at him with confusion. He reached for his pocket, pulling out a small, black box.
"Louis..." I began.
"I've loved you since and I'll love you forever. Caitlyn, will you marry me?" He opened it, revealing a dazzling, sparkling diamond ring.
"Oh Lou." I threw myself at him, tears falling down my face. "Yes! Yes!" He slipped the ring on my finger before bringing me in for a long, passionate kiss. We broke away and leaned out foreheads together. "I think I'm starting to like surprises." I smiled.

The end!
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