One Direction Imagines(:

Doing imagines with the boys. Just leave the boy(s) name, your name, hair colour, eye colour, and a little bit on what you want to happen. Or I can just make up something on my own:)


3. Disneyland Miracle (Dani w/ Harry and Niall)

We had just gotten into the one and only Disneyland and it was crazy busy! Niall, Harry, and I had wanted to take a nice little break from the world and decided to come to the happiest place on Earth. I took a map from an employee and opened it. 

"I think we should go to Aurora's Castle then head left to Frontierland." I explained, handing the map over to Niall. I looked around, not able to find Harry. "Where did that boy go?" 

"Dani!" I heard a familiar voice call. There was Harry, rushing towards us, with Mickey hats in hand. Niall and I laughed as he reached us."They were RIGHT there so I had to get them!" He grinned, handing Mickey to Niall and a Minnie to me. I gave it to Niall to hold as I put my beautiful brown hair into a low ponytail. I put the hat on and giggled. Niall took my right hand as Harry took my left. 

"So we're going to Aurora's Castle first because, well, a princess like me must be listened to. Then over to Frontierland." I told Harry. He nodded. It was lovely to be here with my best friends. As we made our way over, we were stopped by another employee. He had a handful of balloons tied to cart. 

"Balloon for the special lady." He smiled, taking one off and giving it to me. 

"Thanks." I smiled. We continued to the castle until Niall stopped us. 

"Let's go to the castle last, please?" He asked. I glanced over at Haz who was smiling. 

"Yeah, of course." I said. I always had a super soft spot for Niall because I've always had the huge crush on him. Not huge... Massive! Of course, he'd never like me back. He always told me he liked girls with bright green eyes and blonde hair. Unlucky me, of course, stuck with green-brown eyes and a light, sunkist   brown hair. Maybe I could go blonde just for him? Ha, in my dreams. 


It was just about pitch dark when we finally made it through the whole park. 

"Can we go to the castle now?" I whined. I've been wanting to go all day and they wouldn't let me. We had gone on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad seven times, the Haunted Mansion six times, Matterhorn Bobsleds four times, It's A Small World two times, Space Mountain five times, and Splash Mountain twelve times. It was crazy. Of course, they were the biggest rides there. 

"Nialler?" Harry looked over to our friend. He looked nervous. "Dude...."

"What?" I questioned the two.  They've been secretive all day. "Common! We're in the.. Well.. One of the two happiest places on Earth! No secrets in Disneyland you guys!" Still no answers. I felt hurt. I couldn't take them, so I started to walk ahead of them. Maybe I'll even just leave without them. No.. I could never do that. I then felt a certain hand grab mine. There was Niall right next to me.

"To the castle." He grinned, intertwining our fingers. I nodded. We reached the castle in no time and after the walk through of it, we stood right in front of it. Niall grabbed both of my hands, looking deep into my eyes with his crystal blue ones. They just made me melt. "Dani?"

"Mmmm?" I hummed in return. 

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. I stared in shock. 

"But I'm not blonde.. Or have green eyes." I said. He shrugged lightly. 

"I lied." He grinned foolishly, making me laugh. "So?"

"Yes." I smiled as he leaned in closer, pecking my lips softly.

"It's a Disneyland miracle!" Haz screamed, running around like a maniac. It sure was. The three of us left the same way we came in, hand in hand. "I wish Lou did something this sweet when he asked me."

"Only you, Haz." Niall and I harmonized. 


The end!


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