I Didn't Know I Loved You Then

I am KAT Taylor. I was born 1993, I died in 2012, August 17th to be exact! I wouldn't say being dead is better than living, but it does have its advantages, like walking through people, scaring my enemies from life, visiting my family, oh and falling in love with him! But you don't get this, let me explain...


2. Sidewalk Meeting

One day I finally let it out. I was scared of what was going on so I just sat on the sidewalk and cried! I saw everyone walk past, without even noticing me-of course I AM DEAD!!!!! KAT get it in your head! They won't ever see- My thoughts were cut off by a familiar voice. "Whoa Kloey Anne Tharine! Is that you I haven't seen you since 8th grade!! You had moved! It is so cool to see you! I am in a band now, what have you been up to? Oh it's just so great to run into you!!!" It was Niall my 3rd through 8th grade buddy! Then I moved and soon after I died he doesn't know! Wait, he can see me? He is the only one! This is so great I finally have someone to talk to! "WAIT HOLD UP you can see me???" "Why wouldn't I?" "Uh Urm no reason I just feel so um invisible!" (good save NOT) "Oh I am sorry you feel that way, wanna come hang with me and my lads at the flat?" "Awesome, thanks!" KAT you are invisible to almost all!!! Idiot! "Cool. Leggo!"

Niall's P.O.V                                                                                                                                                      This was surprising! I thought KAT had moved but she circled back, I guess! I could have sworn my mother told me when I was in college she had been abused and killed by her father, but I guess my mother had the wrong girl (I spent 3 days crying for nothing!) KAT seemed very surprised I was speaking to her and she kept asking me to make sure I could see her clearly! I am not sure why but she seems off earthed. I hope she is feeling well, It's mostly the reason I invited her to the flat, to make her feel better! It's great to finally see her after so long!


Off to the flat!

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